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Posted by Blue Style on 12-28-2003 01:21 AM:

All blue blueticks.....

I was wonderin who all out there has one, or has had one, or more? I have only seen a handful, but I have liked most of them....seen a couple that just reminded me of labs, hardly any likeness to hounds in build, head, anything....but look at the classifieds and there is a female there for sale, 10 weeks old, a GORGEOUS pup.....she is a looker.....I wouldnt mind ownin an all blue bluetick sometime if they looked like that dominant is this trait, and are there certain bloodlines they show up in more than others? Anyone crossed any bullet/rambo/jet/utchman blood and gotten any? Meanin any new blood producin that trait, and has there been any differences seen in hunt, intelligence, pups that are all blue? I am just kinda curious if the color is the only diff, or if they are throwbacks to the old dogs O.O. Grant bred up.......

Posted by Becky Powell on 12-28-2003 03:07 AM:

We have one...

He isn't registered though. We've been trying for a while to get his background information from the people we got him from, but they won't give it to me. <shrug>

I agree about that pup. I saw her on the classifieds too. She is gorgeous!! Wouldn't mind having her myself.

Becky Powell, Bama Kritter Kennels

Posted by JimmyB on 12-28-2003 04:40 AM:

A guy that I worked with had a litter of seven that were all blue. They were so dark they almost looked black no white spot on the head either. Jim

Posted by Town Creek Blue on 12-28-2003 04:52 AM:

Why don't you have papers on that dog if it came from K-9 Pines???Did you pay for that dog or rescue it? Let me know what the deal is.......TCB

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Posted by blutickguy on 12-28-2003 09:46 AM:

i have a female nt. ch that is solid blue that come out of the blue jet and uchtman breeding. i am not sure about the others without looking. In my opinion, the uchtman and jet dogs are very smart and i like the way they hunt.

"Coonhunters do it all night baby!"

Posted by Becky Powell on 12-29-2003 02:25 AM:

hey TCB... I send you a PM

Bill that owned that beautiful pup said it had Boomer in it. Does anybody know who owns him or anybody have any pups off of him? I'd really like to know more about that bloodline.

Becky Powell, Bama Kritter Kennels

Posted by honalieh on 12-29-2003 08:39 AM:

All Blue !!!

Although I've seen all blue pups from different bloodlines, for the most part they've been from Shelton Morris' Blue River Boomer bloodlines. --- I've also seen a lot of all blue in German Shorthairs (a bird dog). --- Don't discount the idea that a lot of all blue dogs have German Shorthair in them. --- Realize this : When hide prices were high, most people didn't care about breed purity or titled pedigrees. A dog that put the hides on the board was #1.--- I even know of a guy that paid a high four-figure price for a dog that was half bulldog because she was a coondog that would put the hides on the board.

Posted by Cynthia on 12-29-2003 12:34 PM:

I thought "all blue" were the ones that were mostly white in color? or is that the old fashioned blues?

Posted by Bluedogman on 12-29-2003 01:10 PM:

I've always thought

All blue was the very dark ones with no tan trim.

Johnny Williams

Posted by lauraroeder on 12-29-2003 01:34 PM:

all blue...

comes in all shades of bluetick. it can be very light open-ticked or the darker blue-black. there is no tan anywhere. several breeders way back in time..bred for them. o.o. grant, fella named knight had them when i started back in the early 70's. shelton morris and his ol boomer took a foot hold on the all-blue color as well. at one point, some folks felt is was an undesirable color and an "off color"..but it isn't. the gascon hound registry has some breeders of all=blue today.russ downing's toad line, going to morris boomer, is very dominant in all-blue, as both toad and his dam. kate, were all-blue from boomer as well. northern blue doesn't reproduce all-blue within his strain. nor does smokey river or elbert vaughn. uchtman doesn't have the all-blue coloring either, in any of their females or male line. it is just something i've seen in blood related back to shelton morris, or mostly to him anyway. my opinion. there could be others?! in 1978, ge ch saylor's blue rowdy, won gr nat'l breed, autumn oaks, owned by roger saylor's, ind...he was all-blue. in the 90's was a gr ch male, leslie stizlein's max that won alot on the bench. he was gr nat'l breed, autumn oaks one year. 2002, over-all ch female, autumn oaks, hogan's, pa., under mark hauck, won. she's all-blue in appearance, i believe. lil still around.

Posted by Mike Lovekamp on 12-29-2003 01:59 PM:


Hi. I've had one aii blue male he was Smokey River Bart and Smokey River Majesty. I'm pretty sure he was Smokey River for 3 gen. the best female I ever owned was a daughter of Boomer and a grandaughter of Vaughns Mack on her mothers side. She was a beautiful female but not all blue . She looked like those good looking Vaughn dogs . Hope you had a nice Christmas

Mike Lovekamp

Posted by skyblu on 12-29-2003 02:05 PM:

All BLUE Blueticks

I've seen several all blue Blueticks - the color is acceptable according to the breed standard because it states the amount of tan/red is personal choice. I PERSONALLY think the absence of red/tan markings makes them look like German Shorthair Pointers. But when judging I'd go by the standard, which doesn't say the absence of red/tan is a fault. And the all blues I've seen had excellent conformation. A man in East Texas told me his all blue Blueticks are better coondogs & he BREEDS for all blue.

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Posted by lauraroeder on 12-29-2003 02:21 PM:


yes..we had a nice Holiday. thanks. as for bart...he was beautiful! i have a photo from ashland, ohio, BBCHA event, 1977. it has bart,his owner bob wheat and the late carl kasse. bart was tan trimmed and i don't know what was behind him or majesty, that gave an all-blue color?! warren never stud an all-blue male that i am aware of. but maybe he "kept"? an all-blue female? maybe majesty went to his earlier english?! also...skyblu...who is raising the all-blue in texas? not too many people do this. thanks in advance...

Posted by Wayne Valentino on 12-29-2003 03:44 PM:

All Blue

The most popular ones out there I've seen are Shelton Morris' Boomer line. Russ Downing's line as Laura pointed out.. I remember some big game hounds being all blue I want to say North Star Blues in Wisconsin many moons ago.. Also locally was a guy near me that advertised almost every month in the late 70's and early 80's on page 1 of Full Cry was Herb Aumer and his Dual Grand Patch and he had a bitch line Sky that was all blue. you never see any of Herbs dogs in pedigrees I never knew them to reproduce many coondogs but there were some... Gascon lines like Womack have all blue in them. I was reading and going through my copy of Big and Blue by Bluetick Bill Harshman and many of the hound pictures of our foundation stock were all blue... O.O. Grant loved the all blue bluetick...

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Posted by Mike Lovekamp on 12-29-2003 04:01 PM:

all blue dogs

Boomers sire and dam were both all blue if I remember right I saw pictures of both in some old bluebooks . Laura Majesty was an all blue female and a beautiful specimen also . At that time Bart and Majesty were both here in my home town of Arenzville Il. Francis Ator had Bart when he died of a twisted stomach.
Mike Lovekamp

Posted by Wayne Valentino on 12-29-2003 04:33 PM:

Ole Mike

Shelton's Mike had tan trim and sired many tan trimmed hounds.. I hunted with tons of them in my early coonin days in the 70's.. Can't remember seeing Gal.....

Fan of the of the Bragg and Vaughn Blues !! TREE OLD HUSSLER in Memory of DOC Householder... Home Will's Creek Savage Sioux-Zee!! and Branko's Dog Gun It Gonzo
Yeah, I competition hunt !! All Fall and Winter long.. My Blues compete with the local coon.. My Blues win a ton !!! We use and recommend MOONSHINER LIGHTS, Peggs , Ok.

Posted by Wayne Valentino on 12-29-2003 08:59 PM:

Looked back

Found 2 pictures of ole Mike one he looks like he has a tan muzzle the other looks like his muzzle is blue.. Darn b&w photos..... I hunted with lots of his offspring and they had tan trim but as we all know he threw plenty of all blue dogs as well.......

Fan of the of the Bragg and Vaughn Blues !! TREE OLD HUSSLER in Memory of DOC Householder... Home Will's Creek Savage Sioux-Zee!! and Branko's Dog Gun It Gonzo
Yeah, I competition hunt !! All Fall and Winter long.. My Blues compete with the local coon.. My Blues win a ton !!! We use and recommend MOONSHINER LIGHTS, Peggs , Ok.

Posted by skyblu on 12-29-2003 09:01 PM:

East Texas All Blue Blueticks

I was at a hunt several years ago & ran into Charles Crompton - he lives in Hughes Springs or Sulphur Springs - can't remember which - but he told me he PREFERS the all blue Blueticks. Also, MANY MANY years ago, Dexter Whatley told me some of the best coondogs around (at that time) were some all blue Blueticks. I had mentioned to him that I wanted red or tan markings on MY Blueticks.

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Posted by wkfii on 12-30-2003 05:39 PM:

More likely the German Shorthairs have the French Blue Gascon blood in them. I am using the English Spelling b/c I donít care much for anything French other than their hounds. They, the Gascon, are one of the most ancient hound breeds left. The English refered to them as "Southern hounds" when they crossed them into the Foxhound. Our Blue Ticks get their coloration and much of their breeding from those dogs. Many Blue Ticks, and Gascons for that matter, have those black heads with those little tan spots above their eyes. In the Gascon that came from crosses between the St. Hubert hound and the Gascon hound. In the States, there probably are crosses to Black and Tans and Bloodhounds. B & Ts have the same coloration scheme as the St. Huberts, which unfortunately is extinct as a breed. I have noticed that many Bloodhounds have that coloration scheme. That makes sense, b/c the Bloodhound is a St. Hubert decendant.

American Blue Ticks were produced by crossing Gascons (imported around 1900) with Goodman Running Walkers and a few Moutain Curs. Lafayette gave Geo. Washington a pack of Gascons. All the planters in VA probably ended up with Gascon blood in their Foxhounds.

Do an internet search for the Grand Bleu Gascone and you will marvel at the look. I think that some of them are all blue as well.

Posted by skyblu on 12-31-2003 01:00 PM:

Gascon Hounds and more

I've seen MANY of the absolutely BEAUTIFUL BLUE FRENCH HOUNDS when I was at shows in Europe. The French drove up to shows with truckloads (packs) of their hounds for competition. I was fascinated to see how many of their hound breeds are BLUE. They range in size and type from small to grand. We can cuss the French for SOME things - but they truly have beautiful hounds & because of that our Blueticks received good hound blood in their foundation stock.

Author of the novel "Follow Jennifer"

Posted by wkfii on 01-05-2004 10:22 PM:

Bassett hounds

They even crossed their Gascons with Bassets and have Basset Blue Tick hounds. The Gascons are one of the cornerstones for all modern hunting dogs. Check out this site.

Posted by Mike Lovekamp on 01-06-2004 01:02 AM:

Morris Blue River Mike

He was an all blue dog I was just looking at an old bluebook and there was an article about him in it .

Posted by Outdoor Heaven on 08-24-2005 03:49 AM:


Has a picture of one with her pups in the classifieds. She's gorgeous. He says most the pups should be all blue also.

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Posted by Robert Welch on 08-24-2005 05:23 AM:

I still have a couple all blues here!

They are out of my Zoro dog he was all blue and went back to Boomer.I have a male 3 year old and a 6 year old female! O.O.Grant blood is also know for throwing all blue. Right now the Dogs that go back to Boomer breeding is about all that is left for all blue dogs. I know there have been a couple come from the Droop dog as they go back to Dalton's Blood. Some all blues there also. All blue pups have to be out of an all blue or have an ancestor on the sire and dams side that was all blue to provided the color match for the all blue coloration!In other words 2 tan trim blues can have an all blue offspring if they both have an all blue ancestor behind them!

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Posted by jodaviess1 on 08-24-2005 06:11 AM:



Blue Dog 1

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