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Posted by COONDOG on 03-17-2007 02:23 AM:

Delbert, hows that pup?

I would have to say hands down that my favorite would be Lumis.

Dave Rude
Tru-Blu English
Home of Gr.Nt.Ch. Tru-Blu-Spike
Nt.Ch.ChKizmo's Tru-Blu Grit (MIA)

Posted by Jeremy Long on 03-17-2007 02:31 AM:

I have hunted with a few but I am partial to my ole Betsy female. I could never of asked more from a dog. She never let me down.

Others would be ..... Jason Kothes old PKC CH GrNT Ch Rockcastle creek Venus .... And Brady Herd's GrNt Barber Creek Ace.

And Jason Kothes Nt Ch Rockcastle creek Faith... Too bad he had to quit hunting because this female is top shelf!

Also. Robby Wilson's Cyclone dog.

And to the future... The Buttercreek cane has really been turning it on.

And the list goes on.......... Thank goodness for english dogs.

Posted by larry tuttle on 04-12-2007 02:44 AM:


Posted by Triple D's on 04-12-2007 06:20 PM:

I have read this post sev. times and I learn more everytime. There have been alot of nice English hounds talked about. I have seen alot of these hounds and hunted with some. I am hoping to learn everything I can about this breed. That way I can try and improve it. I know it takes everyone to do this but you can be sure I am going to do my share. Help me do this and we all are winners. It takes everyone! With all the great English hounds out there why would we want to hunt anything else.

Don Myers

Posted by walkercash on 04-12-2007 06:27 PM:

Hard Time Spud

Shawn Wemple
Lost Creek Kennel

Whitey Dogs ROCK!!!
I use and recommend Kelley's K-Lights.

Posted by Nathaniel Powel on 01-15-2008 02:53 AM:


Rainstorm English Kennels [i]
Grnitech Moore's Hardtime RockyII is a Performance Sire.

Home of 2006 Virginia State Champion

GrNitech Powell Rainstorm Red Crickit.

GrNitech Ashley Red Cloud -- Semen

GrNitech Harrison Slew Foot

NiteCh John's Gun Jess Breakn Bad

NITECH Harrison Nut Meg

NITECH CH Powell Rainstorm Cloud Buster

NITECH Moore's Hardtime Rocky of Jess {ROCKY5}

Posted by larrypoe on 01-15-2008 04:22 AM:

Duel Grand Timber Valley Lucky was nice when I hunted with her as a young dog.

Duel Grand Pine Knob Durango was as good a tree dog as Ive ever hunted with.

Duel Grand Timber Valley Queen was way past her prime (10) when I hunted her for a couple weeks, but could still get the job done in style. I would have loved to have hunted her at 4 or 5.

GRNTCH Cabin Creek Pukin impressed the heck out of me the 1 time I got to hunt with her.

GRNTCHGRCH Northridge Jo Jo left an impression.

A dog named GRNTCH Hardtime Harry? left quite an impression at English days a couple years ago.

My favorite I didnt own would have to be GRNTCH Barber Creek Ace or a female from way back named NTCH Osters Brendy.

Of my own, Racket was my measuring stick untill Loose and he will probably hold that spot for along time. GRNTCHGRCH PKC CH BOUGHTONS RED RUBY never fails to impress me how, at 10, she can still change zip codes when dry holed. To just leave the house hunting, I'll take Crank over just about anything Ive had around here except Loose. She's just a fun dog to hunt.

I hope the best English dog is still to come, and a better one will come along after it.


RIP Loose

Posted by josh tetting on 01-15-2008 05:50 AM:

i hunt

a male and a female out of fire creek rapper.
they are not the best dogs in the world but they are very phisically tuff and awsome tree dogs. i mean i can crack these dogs over the head with a 2x4 and they just go right back at it. it amazes me how much hart these two have they go no matter what to me that says alot about breeding what they lack in ability they make up for with drive and heart.

Home of:
NTCH Branch river ice age Mya
GRCH NTCH Snyder's Death-Row Flashback (Flash)
CH, FCH,GRNTCH Ice Ages' Front Seat Fanny 2011 world finalist at 2 years old
Temp home of Grch, Fch, GrNtch Wades Red Busko

Posted by Minime on 01-15-2008 02:52 PM:

I like Mike Sheppard's PCH Woody. Solid coondog.Also like Don Phipps Spud dog.

Two years ago I drew out a Briar Creek dog handled by Jim Ridge. Nice, nice dog. This was at 2005 English Days.

Hunted a few times with Shiloh Walden when he was handling that Buckley Creek Timber dog. Real nice hound.

Posted by Wes Coffman on 01-15-2008 05:16 PM:

Best English dogs I have been in the woods with:

Melton's Cody Jar

Mainstreet Jack

I never got to hunt with Roy, but heard he was super nice. I have been told though that Stanley has said he wouldn't take 10 Roy's for his old Molly Blue dog.

Posted by Robbie on 01-16-2008 03:31 PM:

toughest english hound

I ve hunted with several over the last few years. I would have to say the toughest female I ever hunted with was GrNt Ch Smooth Talking Jodie shes old now but can still getter done.A few males that I was impressed with would be Smooth Talking Jed,Smooth Talking Sniper and Tim Groces Willy dog. I also drew Charlie 7 a couple years ago in the final 4 of the invitational and he looked pretty good.

Wes, I beleive Dennis is going to hunt Cyclone Saturday nite at your guys meat hunt maybe you will get to see him go.

Posted by travis gideon on 01-16-2008 05:48 PM:


It's suppose to be -3 degrees! Might see Cyclone go and never come back......trying to find a coon

Travis Gideon
(In memory of Jim Chaffins founder of Oakwood's English Kennel)
270-763-2151 Cell#

UKC Gr.Nt.Ch. PKC CH Baby Stakes Champion Top 10 Futurity Oakwood's Emma (RIP-1/10/15)
UKC Nt.Ch. Oakwood's Sally (sold to Steven Lawson)
UKC Nt.Ch. PKC SCH Oakwood's Sunkist (semen/RIP/co-owned with Shane Cannon)
UKC Gr.Nt.Ch. '98 English Day's High Scoring Male Sat. Oakwood's Blue Bomber (RIP)
UKC Nt.Ch. Oakwood's Hardtime Jar's Jody HTX (Co-owned with Henry Melton and Gary Melton/sold)
UKC Nt.Ch. Oakwood's Amme (3rd place English Days 2014 (sold to Bobby McBride)

UKC Gr.Nt.Ch. Raintree Hardwood Daisy (RIP)
UKC Nt.Ch. Big Woods Bubba (RIP/co-owned with Wes Coffman)

Red Hot Wolfie
Red Hot Dolly
Red Hot Brandy
LT's Red Hot Hammer

Posted by Wes Coffman on 01-16-2008 06:18 PM:

I look forward to seeing him. For as much as he wins (even with Dennis handling him ) he must be a pretty nice outfit.

I hunted with Jodie one night out of the old Connersville Club when I was just starting high school. Scott Engle was in the cast handling the old Jukebox Maude dog. Both of those females looked nice that night. Randy and Scott kept things entertaining

Posted by Robbie on 01-16-2008 06:37 PM:


Travis, Yeah I know its been cold . I havent missed a nite this week and it hasnt been a treat to hunt in but somehow he has managed to get under a couple coons everynite , I might of had to walk a mile or so to get him though.

Wes, I dont know if I could handle a cast with both of those two in the same cast . I have drawn both of them in casts before and it wasnt a walk in the park, problem with both of them if you see them at a hunt there usually packin a coon dawg. AS for ol Dennis he is a great handler and likes that ol dog they get along good together. Dennis if you read that dont let your head swell to big .

Posted by English 101 on 01-16-2008 08:46 PM:


You and I have had many discussions over the past few years!
I have enjoyed reading this post. Some of the names go back in history a ways.. and are also Quite spread around the country. It makes me wonder ....Is a coonhound like an artist.. not famous until they are dead? Or do we tend to take for granted all the good nights we have following our hounds of today.. and dwell more on the bad things they do, rather than the good? I realize that there should always try to make improvements in the English breed , adhering to the theory of "If your not going forward your standing still" I hope we just don't fly through this time period and not appreciate the hounds we have today and enjoy them!! If we do.. Tommorow we may be saying I wish I had enjoyed ol Red a little more when he was alive!

Have a good one!
Mike Van Wyk
Buckley Creek English

Posted by travis becker on 01-16-2008 09:16 PM:

cory stadsvold (spelling?) has had some nice english dogs.Travis

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GrNtCh The Lady Jade
GrNtCh Stylish Super Sally
Nt Ch Rolling Fork Duramaxx
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Pr T-n-Ts Smokin Blu Betty

Posted by Randy Holtmeyer on 01-16-2008 11:57 PM:

Nat glad to see you bring this one back up! Is the Cricket dog the one that you have or were you refering to Field's Cricket? Just wondering if you or anyone that has read this has seen Field's Cricket go?

Mike, I think you're right these dogs get better known (famous) after they've been gone alittle while, that's why you see so many looking for the old blood. AND I think you're absolutely right that some may overlook (not enjoy) what they have or what is out there looking for a particular strain. That is one of the reasons I started this thread three years ago, I kinda like what I got, but I'm not sure it's as good as what I could have, so just wanting to make sure something don't get overlooked.........

Posted by Blaine Stout on 01-17-2008 01:32 AM:


How have you been? You know i am kind of partial to Buckley Creek Dogs. I would put Timber or II or Blu up with most any. Now that bein said I think that the one dog that I have heard the most about is kellers mike. I have asked several people about the most balanced complete hound day in and day out. Every ones response is the same Kellers Mike! He was the best track dog and had plenty of tree also. I havent been around long enough to have much of an opinion but there it is all the same.

Cedar Creek Ranch
Blaine and Billie Stout
641-629-0986 or 641-629-0925

Nitech Cedar Creek Timbers Blu Junior

Posted by larrypoe on 01-17-2008 02:20 AM:


I have had the opertunity to grill Bud Keller about Mike over the years quite a bit. In fact thats about all I do when I go there.

Here is what Bud himself had to say about Mike, and I warn you it takes alot of prodding to get him to talk about it at all.

Bud told me that Mike never had a reverse gear his whole life. When you cut him, you went to a tree rather that was 1/4 mile or 5 miles. Several times he had to go get a boat because he had swam the Sac or Osage river. In those days there were no tracking systems so that ment alot of nights spent driving around and listening for him treed.

Incedently, for that same reason most of the ol timers who were around then told me that at the time nobody wanted to draw Mike because it almost always ment you were beat before you ever started. However at the time, you couldnt have given Mike away because of it.

Bud confermed that Mikes tracking ability was the stuff legends were made of. As an old dog several times he pulled him out of the box when the rest were bogged down on a track and couldnt take it anywere, only to have Mike scream out of there with it like it was smoking hot and hang a coon on the end on the outside.

Bud also told me that as a tree dog Mike was nothing spectacular other than that he would stay treed forever. Not a hard tree dog though.

Bud also told me he let any female who would stand back up to Mike, many of whom werent even coondogs and in some cases not even hounds. He still produced better than anything of his time though.

It has been brought up that Kellers Queen had to be out of littermates or dogs who were single registered at the same time. Bud told me that he bred Mike to his littermate sister on purpose to see how true he and the line produced. Queen was the result and probably the best hound Mike ever produced.

He also told me he and his friends had bred that line for 2 generations before Mike was ever born.

As a 3 year old, Mike won 23 out of 25 GRNTCH casts under 6 different handlers. One of whom was 12 years old at the time.

I would say that that he sure qualifys as one of the best the breed has ever known.

Bud is also up for the lifetime acheivment award this year. In his 80's now, even being nominated ment the world to him.


RIP Loose

Posted by hershberger on 01-17-2008 06:19 AM:

Half Breed Jesse aint no slouch.(Not in her younger days anyway.)


Posted by Nightmare10 on 01-17-2008 01:13 PM:


Stone Coal Harley.
I had a buddy draw him in the state hunt. in the 1st 15min he had 2 coons treed.

Posted by hardtymes on 01-17-2008 04:26 PM:

world beatter!!!!

bates blue kash??
meeks john??
hard time speck ??
boyds little joe ??
hard time hanna ??



COONHUNTER =since 1969 RETIRED>2010
<>OVER THE HILL TRAINER! !! 606-286-4690

Posted by Nathaniel Powel on 01-17-2008 05:09 PM:


That would be Gnitech Powell Rainstorm Crickit. I have not hunted with the old Crickit. From what I been told she was a coondog!!


Rainstorm English Kennels [i]
Grnitech Moore's Hardtime RockyII is a Performance Sire.

Home of 2006 Virginia State Champion

GrNitech Powell Rainstorm Red Crickit.

GrNitech Ashley Red Cloud -- Semen

GrNitech Harrison Slew Foot

NiteCh John's Gun Jess Breakn Bad

NITECH Harrison Nut Meg

NITECH CH Powell Rainstorm Cloud Buster

NITECH Moore's Hardtime Rocky of Jess {ROCKY5}

Posted by COONDOG on 01-17-2008 05:16 PM:

Hey Dave I like that. That is about 2/3 of Grits ped.LOL.

Dave Rude
Tru-Blu English
Home of Gr.Nt.Ch. Tru-Blu-Spike
Nt.Ch.ChKizmo's Tru-Blu Grit (MIA)

Posted by cskinsey on 01-22-2008 03:01 AM:

hardtime booger,owned by joe morris of kenly,n.c

Chad Kinsey

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