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Posted by Cut11 on 10-28-2019 02:22 AM:

Kemp hounds

Iím looking for a cold nosed trail dog, that can do it by his/herself. Has anyone had any of the Mike Kemp hounds and how do they do cold trailing?

Posted by kickemall on 11-23-2019 01:54 AM:

The ones I hunted with seven or eight years ago are what I would consider poor cold trailers. A couple wouldn't take anything but a pretty warm track and some would take a cold track but never bark until it was almost jumped. The ones I've hunted with in the last three years are open mouth on cold tracks and cold trail well. All the ones I'm referring to came directly from Kemp at approx. 5 months. I've been impressed with the later ones although the earlier ones were good dogs they just didn't open good. You need to tell him what you want in a dog and he'll try to get that for you. They all aren't going to work out but a very large percentage will if you do your part. And the later ones I'm referring to are all premium pups so be prepared to part with some cash.
They don't come as a finished dog so your not going to get a "do it by itself dog" unless you have something decent to train it with.

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