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Posted by Johnhendo13 on 02-09-2018 06:08 AM:

Looking for a good accurate coon dog

Iím still looking for a finished coon dog. Iíve hunted several dogs lately and Iím starting to think what Iím looking for doesnít exist anymore. Iím not a competition hunter so Iím not interested in what a dog will do in a PKC or UKC hunt. Iím looking for a dog that will hunt by itself or with company and consistently have a coon. You know, one of those good old fashioned hounds that you feel confident enough to load your gun before you start walking to them. I know a dog canít be 100% accurate but these high dollar junkers Iíve been hunting lately might have 5 coons out of 10 trees and thatís absolutely a no go for me, I refuse to walk to trash like that. If anyone has a good honest dog in or around Kentucky and wouldnít mind showing a guy with some good honest money I would surely appreciate it. I canít give rich mans price for a dog but Iím very capable of spending good money on a good dog. I would just assume to keep the price between me and the seller. I will entertain any ideas or suggestions. I donít care what color the dog is as long as I donít have to walk my butt off to slick trees or possums. If youíre a gun guy I might try to throw a gun or Ten your way if that floats your goat. If you have a dog that needs to be hunted with other dogs or a dog that usually takes a mile to find a coon then you donít have the dog for me. Like I said maybe dogs like I grew up with donít exist anymore but Iím willing to keep looking until I trip over one or I can start a pup that suits me.

Posted by KJO on 02-17-2018 01:35 AM:

Good Accurate Coon Dog

They are out there hope you have deep pockets!!! Not Cheap $$$ Good luck !!!

Work Hard Or Go Home !!

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