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Posted by Big spike hamme on 01-28-2018 07:03 AM:

Iso ...cur that cast like a hound!!!

Anyone have one for sale ?? Wanting a straight coon dog !! Will NOT be hunting squirrels....

Posted by bphart8530 on 01-30-2018 11:38 PM:

Hard to find

A lot of people have them (or claim to at least) but they’re hard to find. I have a grade female hunts like she shot out of a rocket dead silent trees a lot of pop ups and you can bet she ain’t for sale!

Posted by tn russ on 01-31-2018 12:03 AM:

Imo youll find what you're looking for in a squirrel dog. Most will make coon dogs if you hunt them. Just not many people training curs for coon and pushing them .

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Posted by nccatfisher on 02-01-2018 12:42 AM:

There are a few that have them, most that do spent years of breeding/buying/culling to get to where they could depend on the majority of them being that way. Once they get them they usually don't turn them loose. Or that has been my observation.

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Posted by cornboy on 03-25-2018 11:31 PM:

Why would you want a cur to hunt like a hound

Posted by nccatfisher on 03-26-2018 01:36 AM:

Originally posted by cornboy
Why would you want a cur to hunt like a hound
For coon hunting many, myself included if you are in an area that isn't riddled with coons you have to have them that hunt like a hound to find coons regularly. I refuse to walk hunt them. I want them to cast off the tailgate and go get treed.

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