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Posted by OLD TIMER on 11-26-2020 03:40 PM:

Happy Thanksgiving to ----

those that have and are Serving the USA so I could enjoy the hunt of the Raccoon this pass week.

Little history of this 70 year old kid. Had my first dog when I was 1, my first hound when I was 5 and my first papered hound when I was 13. I have followed hounds after bear, coon, fox and coyotes and had beagles for chasing rabbits. Went to a 1 room school house, lived on a farm until I was 19 with one of those farms not having running water or electricity. Farmed with horses and worked on a threshing machine crew as a teenager. Have worked for nothing to having worked for $44.00 an hour. Made it though high school thanks to my hounds is as far as I went.

So I have seen the world and it's changes and lost friends in Wars. Have made may new friends though these old biscuit eaters. And I can tell you that some of my best times where home cook meals on those days out with the threshing machine. Some of the warmest nights where in that house without electricity around that wood stove. And the best days' have been working a pup into a well balance hound.

Which brings us to this past week. I got to take a pup that will be 12 years old next March that I trained, well really just hunted he was a natural from birth, and listen to his bawls as he opens on an old feed track and work it though a creek, over logs, into a corn field and then back into the woods. Got to hear those long locates and then as he goes and circles the tree to be sure comes back and hits it with those chops. I have to say, for me, I'm glad that's one "change" I didn't fall for over these past years in hounds. The best part too, for this kid and the pup, is that it happens usually with in a half mile of the truck. Now it could be because of my education or up bringing, but could someone tell me what am I missing by not hunting these tight mouth, go until treed hounds that don't get you home until 2AM?? Old Zach and me hit the woods about 7, we tree around 2 to 5 and are home, showered and able to watch the 10 O'clock News. From what I see on these score cards for the number of coon scored, the pup isn't doing to bad. (wink-wink)

Have fun and enjoy your families.


Posted by sleepy head on 11-26-2020 03:59 PM:

Enjoyed your post, and no, you ain't missing anything. If I was closer, I'd ask for a hunt. Have a good Thanksgiving

Posted by RC-Abby on 11-26-2020 04:21 PM:

Old Timer

Enjoyed reading your post both times! Brings back a lot of memories of my home life. Must be what OLD TIMERS have the best of. You take good care of Zack and make many more memories.



Randi Bidlack

Posted by Sonny Phipps on 11-26-2020 04:38 PM:

U ainít missing a thing. What you have will be desired again. It still is desired by many folks

Get deep or Get Beat!

Posted by HOBO on 11-27-2020 05:19 AM:

Happy Thanksgiving Old Timer...

Youíre missing about 18,000 steps give or take a couple thousand lol

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Posted by Driftwoodblue on 11-27-2020 01:42 PM:

Thumbs up Old Timer.

been there too but never got to work for $44 an hour!
if these old hounds I have cannot tree of catch one in an hour it is time to catch them up and they better do it in less than a 1/2 mile.
I did get a Garmin Pro 550 plus.. tells me all I need to know when my ears cannot hear them.. ( That is not very far!)

Posted by Boondok Kennels on 11-27-2020 09:05 PM:

Less steps

I guess Iím an old timer too, if treeing one less than a mile is what I like...and my dog does it. 😁

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