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Posted by harleydan1956 on 05-19-2024 11:57 PM:

Lethal Blue Kennels. Another loss!

With a Heavy heart, we announce the passing of Gr Ch Nite Ch Lethal Blue Moonlight Serenade aka Moonie. She was my once on a lifetime dog. She was on her way to Dual Gr easily when Covid shut the hunts down. I had mostly put her in the bigger hunts.
Ohio Turkey Classic. Queen of show. High scoring opposite sex .
2nd place American Leopard hound days, Saturday
Tri-state championship. Queen of show. Queen of hunt overall high scoring dog
Mackie Mann, Lee Sherman memorial. Queen of show, high scoring Bluetick, Queen of hunt
Ed Meade memorial. Queen of show
5th place Bluetick Days, Saturday
Autumn. Oaks High scoring Bluetick female for both BBCHA and BBOA
Lee Crawford invitational. Overall high scoring dog.(drew 2 gr nite nationally advertised stud dogs. +600 on 3 coon, only dog in the cast with plus points)
Lost a total of 3 casts during this time. She had several smaller hunt wins. I guided once in these hunts, judged once in these hunts. Otherwise, I just called her.
This took the wind out of me, took a day to write this. Not sure I will bounce back. My heart is broken. Would just like to hear her tree one more time...
Tree Moonie! I love you girl. R.I.P. Back with your momma. Not a coon safe now.


Lethal Blue kennels.
Where the females count and you will never see a "brood" female!
Dan and Kris Rosier
Canton, ohio

Home of: Ch. PR. Lethal Blue Lil Bit of Respect.... Ch. Nite Ch PR Shivers' Magic Lead X GR. Ch. Nite Ch PR Lethal Blue Betty Jane
PR. Lethal Blue Tayen Grace..... Nite Ch. Pr Coffins creek running J.R. X Gr Ch Nite Ch PR Lethal Blue Moonlite Serenade.

Gone but never forgotten
Gr Ch. Nite Ch. PR. Lethal Blue Moonlight Serenade... Gr. Ch. Nite Ch PR Hillbillys Smokey River Dutch HTX X Gr. Ch. Nite CH. PR Lethal Blue Izabell Sitara

Gr. Ch. Nite Ch. PR. Lethal Blue Izabell Sitara... Dual Gr. Ch PR Bowens Blue Deuce X Ch. Nite Ch. PR Becky.

Gr Ch Nite Ch. PR. Lethal Blue Betty Jane...... PR. Crites Soggy Bottom Blue Banjo X PR. Mosquito Creek Tree mamma Sis

Gr Ch. Nite Ch. PR. Lethal Blue Rattlin Samantha ... Dual Gr Ch PR Mid Ohio Rattlin Sam X Gr Ch PR. Lethal Blue Jet's Xena

Gr. Ch. Nite Ch Hillbilly's Smokey River Blue Dutch HTX..... Gr. Ch. Gr. Nite Ch Pr. Smokey River Tramp's Blue Lake and Pr. Misty River Blue Doll III.
(Dutch wasn't ours, but he was here and like one of the family)

Pr. Dan's little Porter.... my last beagle...

Posted by Scott VH on 05-20-2024 02:35 AM:


Sorry to hear that Dan.

Take Care,

Home of:
GrNiteCh Oklahoma Blue Creek (Ch GrNiteCh Goodsons Rowdy Bocephus X GrNiteCh GrCh TP's Dizzy Dot)
Floyd's Country Rock (GrNiteCh Pink Floyd x GrNiteCh Oklahoma Blue Creek)
Floyd's Shine On (GrNiteCh Pink Floyd x GrNiteCh Oklahoma Blue Creek)

Gone but not forgotten:
GrNiteCh Mose's Pink Floyd (GrNiteCh Dean's Blue Mose X GrNiteCh B&D's Blue Ruby) Hollis-VH
GrNiteCh GrCh Bullet II's Code Blue Cricket (GrCh GrNiteCh 'PR' Twin Springs Runnin Bullet II X NiteCh Ch JJ's Code Blue Jenny)
Ch GrNiteCh Smokey River Blue Tramp II (GrCh GrNiteCh Smokey River Jean's Blue Tramp X Ch NiteCh Misty River Blue Doll IV)
GrNiteCh GrCh Vining's Hammerhead (Dual Grand Twin Springs Runnin Bullet II X Dual Grand Vining Blue Mollie)
GrNiteCh Ch Uchtmans Blue Logan (GrNiteCh Gene's Blue Newton X ChNiteCh Smiley's Blue Lady)
GrNiteCh GrCh Makin' Music Banjo (GrNiteCh Washburn Valley Blue Drip X GrNiteCh GrCh Razor Ridge Unstable Mable)
GrNiteCh. Uncle Pen (GrNiteCh South Shore Drive Blue Kev X GrNiteCh Frosty's Fancy)

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