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Posted by Hillbilly boy on 04-05-2020 01:58 AM:

Cur x feists why?

Like it says I was wounding why they seem to be as common as they are? I had a old timer tell me the feists blood seemed to make a x that was faster and a little better on a cold track. But he was also trying to sell some and my dad always told me never trust a dog trader lol

Jonathan Henson

Posted by C bar G on 04-19-2020 04:05 AM:

I have Mtn Curs and Feist. My Curs are better at ground tracking but also wind fairly good. They are also a much longer hunting dog. My Feist are better at winding and sight hunting and will hunt closer.
I tried the cross a few years ago. I didn't get that super duper can do it all pup, but I did get some very solid dogs. They worked the ground and wind good and were fairly quick to catch one by sight.
My Curs are long winded. We use some for striking and baying hogs as well as treeing squirrels.
I would say the best thing I got out of it was a quicker dog that held up and lasted longer for the day. They did want to get a little deeper before checking back but nothing I couldn't deal with.

Posted by Ghost14 on 04-19-2020 02:42 PM:

Bout where at in northeast Georgia? Id like to see them suckers.

Mountain bred hogs require Mountain
bred dogs.

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