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Posted by Tallhall05 on 08-11-2014 12:36 PM:

Posted by Tallhall05 on 08-18-2014 03:14 PM:

Have several females booked for breedings when they come in. Should have several litters available here in the next few months. We want to thank everyone that has shown interest in Houdini!!! We greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 08-27-2014 02:52 PM:

This is one of the pups i sold at Southeastern Treeing Walker Days. She belongs to Steve Huff in Floyd, VA.

We appreciate all the work that everyone is putting in on supporting #TeamHoudini!!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 08-27-2014 02:54 PM:

There are videos of Houdini and some of his pups on my Facebook page. Send me a request @ Shane Hall.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-03-2014 02:39 PM:

Got another call on a big male pup that a gentleman bought off us at walker days. He is over satisfied with the pup said its one of the best looking and acting pups hes ever owned and this gentleman has been in the sport for over 40 years. Means a lot to us to get reports like that from seasoned hunters!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-08-2014 03:57 PM:

Nothing but great reports on Houdini's offspring!!!!!!!! If your wanting that mouth back in your hounds and the accuracy and drive then bring those females on up and lets make some magic happen!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-18-2014 12:13 PM:

Magic Trick, a year old female off Houdini really put on a show night before last. She is deadly accurate and is becoming one of the nicest pups we've owned. Theres no thrashing a track, theres no locating on a bunch of tap trees, when she strikes she is moving, then with that one bawl locate she trees her hind end off and i mean about 120 bpm and can take all the pressure they can give. She hit her own tracks and split from the ol man twice and had two looking down both times!!! Ethan Salyer has her at his house and with a few more nights of pleasure hunting to get her like this night in and night out consistently we will intoduce her to the competetion side of things. We are very excited about this pup and I, myself want to thank Ethan Salyer for all his hard work and dedication on getting her this far. He has had her at his place for several months now and I give him the credit of making her the pup she is!!!! Great job man, cant wait to see you and Trick in the winners circle!!!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-22-2014 07:52 PM:

Lets get some pups on the ground!!!! What he has reproduced so far no one can complain about, dont take my word for it because im not trying to blow up no onion sack!!!!

FREE BREEDINGS FROM OCTOBER 2014 till we ring in the NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-23-2014 01:31 PM:

Kiser's Clean Sweep Cletus

Here is a 14 month old male pup owned by Tommy Kiser up on the wood the other night. He is maturing into a very nice hound also. Cletus has been cranking night in and night out according to Mr. Kiser. (*Hint- He is a preacher man so im not gonna doubt his word). He is a full litter mate brother to Magic Trick. Houdini is reproducing early starting pups that progess each and every night you take them to the woods. We are very pleased with how well he is reproducing. Ladies and gentlemen, I know you get tired of seeing stud advertisements where the owner is blowing up their hound, but just look right here ladies and gents, the PROOF IS HERE!!!! We are trying to promote ACCURATE, INDEPENDENT, HARD HUNTING, BIG MOUTHED HOUNDS and thats what you get when you make a cross on Houdini.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-23-2014 06:12 PM:

Super Stake and Performance Sire for 2015!!!!

Posted by Timothy Lundy on 09-24-2014 03:25 AM:


Thank's Shane for your intrest in a STREAK pup. I hope she lives up to all your expectations.Had a great visit with you and your family.Come back any time .

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-24-2014 12:30 PM:

Your welcome Tim and we enjoyed our visit also. I can't wait till this lil female gets going and hopefullly a couple years down the road cross her to Houdini. What i cross i will make then!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-24-2014 12:43 PM:

Magic Trick stoked another one last night.

This little female off Houdini is really maturing into one heck of a hound.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-24-2014 12:47 PM:

Video of Trick last night

Click the image and the video will play.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 09-29-2014 04:08 PM:

Getting several responses on breedings. Bring those females on guys and lets make the magic happen. We feel you will be over satisfied with the outcome of making a cross on Houdini!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 10-07-2014 06:21 PM:


Posted by Tallhall05 on 10-13-2014 01:15 PM:

Levi Herron is scheduled to breed his female this Thursday on the 16th. She falls back to Sackett, Clover, and Nailor. I'm not sure of who her direct sire and dame is. If you would be interested in a pup please contact him at 423-361-1019. Pups will be located right on the VA/TN line next to Kingsport, TN.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 10-28-2014 03:06 PM:

Still treeing them ol raccoons!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 10-30-2014 12:38 PM:

Magic Trick was entered in her first PKC hunt last night and came away with a big cast win!!! I want to congrdulate my partner Ethan Salyer on his win because he has put in the hard work and the dedication of making her what she is!!! Again great job Ethan and Trick for showing the public what type of hounds Houdini is reproducing!!!!!!!

Posted by Tallhall05 on 11-06-2014 12:54 PM:

Houdini has been bred to a nice little walker female. She is just a "PR" dog but a fairly nice hound that trees raccoons. Her Sire is a NIteCh dog direct off Rat Attack and a Hard Rock Cafe female. Her Dame is off Grimes Hickory Pride which pride is Red Eagle Casey on top and Savage on the bottom. The dames bottom side is a great grand pup off Houses Lipper. Pups should be whelped by Jan. 7 and will be performanced and super staked. This female is not mine but the gentleman that owns her lives just minutes from me and asked that i would advertise the pups that he aint never had any luck selling pups. If you are interested let me know. Can deliver these pups to South Eastern Treeing Walker Days because they will be close to 7 weeks old. They will have their shot and be wormed before delivering. If you would like to book a pup please contact me either on here or give me a call at 276-337-9782. We have 2 nite ch females that should be any day also that will be crossed to him so if you miss this oppurtunity to join #TeamHoudini this time then just let me know and i can go ahead and put you on the list on one of the other females.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 11-20-2014 07:44 PM:

Houdini has been exposed to several nice females, some of them are second crosses. If you are interested in a pup here is your chance

Posted by Tallhall05 on 12-02-2014 12:51 PM:

Cletus- Houdini and Ann Cross 14 months old

Posted by Tallhall05 on 12-08-2014 02:50 PM:

We wanted to bring a a little bit of information to everyones attention thats not really familiar with Houdini. Houdini has only sired 2 litters and he is just a young 3 year old dog. These pics and comments of his offspring arent out of 10 different crosses. Cletus and Trick are out of Houdini and Ann, and Sally is off of Houdini and Dixie. The Houdini and Dixie cross pups were all sold at South Eastern Treeing Walker days last year and I've tried to keep up with them what i can but the one Steve has is really the only one that keeps contacting about how well Sally is progressing. Houdini has reproduced nice pups on both crosses. We hope that with each cross made that we get an outcome like this. I'm not gonna lie, i would be terrific if Houdini could bring home that World Champion title one time or one of his offspring but if he can consistently reproduce natural early starting pups, that have the mouth, drive, and accuracy, and most of all to us, the independent trait that he seems to be passing on, then that means more to us than any world champion title. Consistency is better any day.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 12-08-2014 03:27 PM:

Houdini just sired a litter of 9 pups. These pups are Super Staked and Performanced. The dame belongs to my little buddy Colton Salyer. Colton is a youth hunter, he is 15 years young. ( I cant say old because id give anyhting to feel 15 again haha). The dame is just a 'PR' female but is a fair hound. She goes back to Hardwood Elvis which is direct off Rat Attack. She doesnt have no outstanding pedigree by no means. As stated Colton is an avid youth hunter. He pleasure hunts with Josh and myself about everynight we go and we are planning on him doing some handling in some pkc events to try to get him to the Youth PKC world and also some UKC Youth Hunts as well. Colton has never raised a litter of pups before so this is one of the best learning experiences he can have. Me and Josh have been taking Colton and his older brother Ethan hunting with us for over a year now and we have all built a friendship among each other. Theres no greater joy watching two young gentlemen enjoy the sport just like josh and myself did at their ages. Josh and myself have been best of friends for about 15 years now and have been partnered on our hounds for about 8 years now. Colton has these pups priced very reasonable at $200 either sex. There are 4 males and 5 females. We can deliver these pups to South Eastern Treeing Walker Days in Salisbury, NC in February. These pups will be weaned at 6 weeks old on January the 5th. The pups will be over 12 weeks old by the time South Eastern Treeing Walker Days rolls around and they will be wormed and will have all their shots up to date as well. If anyone is interested in booking one of these pups then please contact myself at 2763379782 or Josh, my partner, at 2762104339 and we will ensure to let Colton know. We hope that we can rely on several of our avid sportman to help this youth hunter out and move his pups for him as quick as we can. We hope he has a great experience dealing with folks on selling this litter of pups. This litter will teach him alot about the responsibilty and up keep on a litter of pups and Josh and myself are guiding him on taking the best care of these pups.

Posted by Tallhall05 on 12-30-2014 05:56 PM:

Ready for the Grand American!!!!!! Come by the stud barn and give us a holler!!!!!

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