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Posted by Todd K / UKC on 08-10-2011 08:51 PM:

Forum Rules

Terms of Use
United Kennel Club is happy to provide this forum for discussions involving the UKC programs, the sport in general and related topics. Itís our hope that you find it both entertaining and educational and we encourage your participation. UKC does reserve the right to suspend any user for actions determined to warrant such.

Please understand that this is a UKC sponsored website and posts deemed to be promoting competitors programs or events will be removed.

Posts that are deemed to be slanderous in nature, off color or otherwise in bad taste will be removed.

Posts of a classified nature may only be posted on the classified boards and will be removed from the discussion boards.

Please direct any problems you may have with this board or itís use to a UKC board monitor., its parent corporation United Kennel Club, Inc., assume no responsibility or liability for the content of the posts present on this board, other than those posted by UKC staff, and only then if those posts can be proven through IP address decoding or other methods to have been posted by UKC staff. Posters on this board other than UKC staff accept full responsibility for the content of their posts.

If we're not suppose to eat animals, then why are they made out of meat?

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