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Posted by Sgraves on 10-20-2019 03:48 PM:

Cage coon

Havenít messed with starting many pups. I like them starting to tree on their own so I can hunt the hair off them. Some will say no cage coon , just keep taking them to the woods an if they have it it will come out. I think they should know what their after before they go. Looking for the best proven way. I know all dogs are different. Also know to much cage coon is not good either. Really like this pup an want to start out on the right foot. Donít want no pissing match on this subject. So you old turds be nice an share your tried an true wisdom.

Posted by Dogwhisper on 10-20-2019 04:07 PM:

No artificial stimulation.....
Just takeM to the woods .
It's really that simple, if the dog is any account you'll see it.
That's my "best proven way, and I'm sticking too it .

Posted by MUSKY on 10-20-2019 04:50 PM:

I had a buddy that when he had a litter of puppies would give them a dead coon for a chew toy, they would play tug a war with it and in a matter of hours would basically destroy it. He never had any problems getting his pups to know what a coon was. Usually the first few times in the woods they would come on coon scent they would follow, it was imprinted in them from a young age, I tried it, it works. Make sure to keep them wormed out good if you try it though.

Wayne Musgrave

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Posted by toe cutter on 10-21-2019 12:09 AM:

only thing a caged coon is for is to turn it loose for your dog to get after it. make a dog want a coon , the rest is bred in.

Randal Raper -

Posted by daryl wyland on 10-21-2019 01:51 AM:

i agree with you

Originally posted by Sgraves
I think they should know what their after before they go.

I like to use Tucks Coon Scent
26201 D DR SO

with scent you don't have to worry about catching a coon and finding the perfect spot to let it go than it goes straight up the 1st tree it comes to or runs the opposites way!
there are just to many things out of your control!!

This is why I like to use scent your in total control of the training process

I never use a fresh hide or road kill because I don't want a pup hunting for bloody dead stuff!

I use one of them canvas covered fetch dummies I tie a string on it than I sprits some coon scent on it
than I lay a track ...I don't make it a very long track 50-100 yards to start you can run it across logs bump the sides of trees
I always like to put a sharp turn or two in it so I can watch a pup over run the track and have to come back and find the track
at the end of the track I will sprits some scent up the side of the tree to a point higher than the pup stands to get them stretched up the tree

The 1st time I wait 10-15 minutes after I lay scent before I the pup gets to work it (you want the track to age a little) so don't rush if the pup dose good wait longer the next training session!

lead the pup into the area where the track starts once the pup shows intrest you can cut it loose

if they don't bark up the tree don't worry that will come in time

don't talk to the pup while its working or missing the track let it come natural

only talk to it when it hits the right tree

with scent if you want to lay another track that day or next you don't need to catch another coon or three Ha Ha

Remember anyone can get just about any dog to bark up a tree at something hanging above it but we are not training sight hounds!

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Posted by gone walkin on 10-21-2019 09:51 AM:

Cage coon

I do basically what Daryl does but with a cage coon. I keep them for a few days to a week depending on weather. The other thing i have found is the pup can get wise and follow your scent doing it. So we started using a tractor to pull with so we weren't leaving a human track on the ground. Sometimes pouring some water on the coon helps when it's been dry too.

Posted by Ron Ashbaugh on 10-21-2019 01:14 PM:

I turn loose a lot of coons for a dog I am starting alone. I do my best to set it up so that it gets progressively more difficult. It allows me to have a controlled situation where I KNOW I am turning a pup loose into a place where there is a hot track. I KNOW where the track is at, I KNOW what tree the coon is up (sometimes) and I can be pretty sure the pup is not junking when running those tracks.

I might be in the minority here, but I need to know a pup can tree a turn out coon before I am willing to walk around with it in the dark. IF I turn loose 10 coons and the sucker can't tree them, how in the world can I believe its going to just go out and strike and run and tree a track by itself?

If you have the $$$ time and energy to raise 10 pups a year, for sure you will find those that just go out and do it. Id say the majority need a little more help and influence to get going alone. If i invest in a pup for a year I want to give it every chance possible to succeed and I can't see how giving it hot tracks can hurt.

The fun is over once you pull the trigger

Ron Ashbaugh

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