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Posted by blacksc1 on 10-15-2019 11:58 PM:

A first for me

Last night I went to get my dog out the kennel and she wouldn’t hardly come out, usually she is standing at the gate and bolts to the truck for the tailgate to drop. Instead she walked in slow motion to the truck and had to be lifted to get in the truck. Figuring she was just sore from the night before. We headed to the woods bright moon 69 degrees no wind and a full moon. Turned her out she struck in at around 200 yards, after booticking around for 15 minutes I told my buddy something wasn’t right. As soon the words came out of my mouth coyotes started kicking up all around where my dog was. Within 5 minutes she was at an all out run back to me and the truck. Now this dog has been hunted around coyotes her whole life and never an issue.

So I loaded her back up, and headed to the next drop. My buddy turned his dog out and he wouldn’t go ( which is unusual) after some persuasion he left out to come right back, so we put him up and turned my dog out. The minute I told her to hunt another pack of coyotes kicked up. Of course she parked right in the middle of them in a persimmon tree. She held her tree, but it was slick as owl poop.

Corrected her and loaded her up, dropped my buddy off and decided I’d turn out one more time on the way home. Struck in and slammed the tree, walking into her got about 50 yards and she bolts strikes back in and drives the track to tree again 300 yards deeper. This happens 3 times until I use the Alpha to shut her down and call it a night. I guess it was a bobcat. Either way I was tired of walking further and further from the truck.

The night started off strange and ended strange. It’s funny no matter how miserable the hunt is, I find myself smiling on the drive home.

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