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Posted by ruttinbuck on 08-30-2019 01:29 AM:

semen shipping

Are shipping tanks for semen available for rent ?
If so what does it cost ?

Posted by JesseJ on 08-30-2019 02:39 PM:

Shipping seman

Three years ago I think it was around 300$$ to ship n return tank.

Posted by JesseJ on 08-30-2019 02:41 PM:

FedEx from Ohio to Oklahoma.

Posted by Toad Hill on 08-30-2019 05:28 PM:

Some places charge more than others if semen is at that particular location. but if you are just wanting to pick one tank up yourself and do the driving to and from i'd check with my local vet most have em. There is a difference in a shipping tank and a storage tank if you didnt already know. You can use a storage tank for transport just dont put it in the cab with you !!

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Posted by Rolin Blues on 09-07-2019 08:28 PM:


Had semen shipped from NC to Iowa in July- $575. Except for all of driving, would have been cheaper to live breed & drove there. Will do that next time. Take care, Ron.

Posted by Richard Lambert on 09-07-2019 09:51 PM:

A lot of places will charge you a preparation fee and it can be a couple of hundred dollars. It is kinda like the doc fee that some car dealers charge, a lot of money for nothing. When people have semen drawn and stored, they never ask how much it will cost to have it turned loose for shipping. Some vets act like you shouldn't ship semen to somewhere else. They want the female brought to them. And when they already have your semen stored, they have you over a barrel. They can charge you whatever they want to turn it loose.

Posted by sox12 on 09-08-2019 04:47 PM:

Myself I prefer live breeding more then Ai

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Posted by harleydan1956 on 09-08-2019 06:03 PM:

Originally posted by JesseJ
FedEx from Ohio to Oklahoma.

Just had some shipped into Ohio from Oklahoma. $379

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