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Posted by yadkintar on 05-08-2019 09:58 PM:

Ok Allen.

I like all of the new proposals all I ever wanted was to have something to pass down these kids could enjoy and be proud of yíall are on the right track.

Now for the hunt director thing I am on the small side of the fence. Most clubs the hunt director will be the only one there if the cast comes back and they will have to wait on a panel to come back. You make it painfull for them to question a call. Make them pay $25 and most of the time when a panel does get back they may not be able to finish their hunt because of deadline $$$ does it for a reason itís an inconvenience itís a deterrent!! Only other option you have is to have a moh in that area on call that they can call to make a decision or maybe one to handle all of it like jerry does. Itís really not that big of a problem we been using that format for years and most understand it. Thanks for what yíall do.


Posted by Dave Richards on 05-09-2019 12:09 AM:


I am beginning to think Tar has been kidnapped and a ringer has taken his place on this board. Lol. Man, it's really good to see you being happy about something UKC has done. I like your suggestion regarding questions, wait did I just agree with you, or your ringer? Lol. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by yadkintar on 05-09-2019 12:16 AM:

Nah I just always watched anything that anybody did to make my job easier. Every job I ever had there was always somebody that was really good at what they did and I was never to proud to ask them to show me how to do that job efficiently and I got lots of raises that way. The $$$ kc has been in business how many years now ? I see nothing wrong with using what it took them years to perfect. Itís like we already got the blueprint.


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Show all 3 posts from this thread on one page

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