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Posted by perry on 03-17-2023 12:52 AM:

Paper transfer check B438,195

I mailed in my papers for transfer 2/13. They were received 2/17. I sent certified. Can you confirm status for me please. Thank you, Perry

Posted by perry on 03-22-2023 04:09 PM:

response please???

Posted by perry on 03-31-2023 01:53 PM:

If price increase is reason for delay I sent $54.00 for 4 generation papers. If 54.00 is not enough now just change request to 3 generation. Please advise status.

Posted by perry on 04-05-2023 02:20 AM:

I heard from Ukc today. They were a little confused. Said i did not pay enough. I told them give me the reduced generations papers I sent plenty to cover that. Then after all that said did not have my papers yet. Well how did they know my check was not sufficient?? Any ways I copied everything and sent it certified. It was delivered Feb. 17 at 10:10 a.m. She said all ok we will get them outů.. we will see.

Posted by perry on 04-11-2023 04:55 PM:

Still waiting! I was considering sending in some other dog papers I was holding and maybe hitting a few hunts? I believe I will keep my money. Just cant se paying for such poor service.

Posted by perry on 04-12-2023 10:37 PM:

Got a call from Ukc today. They said I was short $5.00. I told the same person I spoke with earlier that I went with 3 generations and it covered the fee. After a few minutes on hold they found notes stating what I said. They said I should see my papers in 5-7 days. Not holding my breath. We will see!!

Posted by perry on 04-21-2023 02:12 PM:

Check was cased 3/27. Check was written and mailed 2/12. Still no papers but hope to see soon. I do know one thing. It will be sometime before I send any paperwork to UKC or participate in any UKC events. Just refuse to reward poor service.

Posted by perry on 04-22-2023 02:27 AM:

4/21/23 my papers arrived today! Not stellar service but much better than many of the nitemare stories I read and heard about. I hope UKC keeps improving. Good luck to all

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Show all 8 posts from this thread on one page

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