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Posted by HuntressKate on 01-04-2022 09:37 PM:

Exclamation Prayers for Joe Polly

For those of you who may or may not know, our fellow Plott Hound brother is in need of your prayers!!

From his daughter Cassie "If everyone could take a minute out of their day and say a prayer for my dad, Joseph Polly. He is now in the hospital with covid complications and has double lung Pneumonia. His immune system is compromised because of the cancer in the past. They wanted to ship him out, but all hospitals are full right now. I believe he is in the right place. Anyone who knows him knows he would give the shirt off his back, so just take this time and lend him a prayer."

Another family member stated he was dealing with clots in his lungs and was moved to the ICU and put on the ventilator!

1/5 update
Joe is having a hard time last night and today. He is back on the paralytic, vent is at 100% and peep is back to 16. His oxygen is at 89%. He is also being treated for a blood infection. But hey, his lungs look a little better today. PLEASE keep praying.
Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!!

1/7 update
Joe is about the same as yesterday. He struggles when they attempt to lower the paralytic and or sedation.
Thank you all for everything; prayers, thoughts, lighting candles, cards of healing etc. Keep the prayers coming!

1/8 Update
Joe is about the same as yesterday. They can't make any changes due to gases in the lungs are at a good rate. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day. Thank you all for all that you're doing to help him recover!

1/11 update
It's been a long night and roller coaster of a morning with out of control and out of whack stats. Joe now has a trach, and it seems that his BP is now lower but stabilized. THANK YOU, JESUS!
Dear Lord, we come to you oh merciful God, with all that we have. Please see the need of Joe and rest your healing hands upon his body. Please restore his strength so that he can continue on a journey here on earth dear Lord continuing to be and show your love for others so they too can come to know you. Let him continue to show your work through the miracles that you can perform. In Jesus name I/we pray. Amen.

1/12 update
Joe continues to fight! His numbers were stable all day. The paralytic was shut off completely and his body has adjusted well to the Trach. THANK YOU, JESUS! They will begin to reduce the heavy sedation he is on early tomorrow morning. This way the DR. can evaluate him when he does his rounds around 6:30 am. They are hoping that this will help increase his heart rate that has been low all day today. Please continue with your prayers. They are working! Thank you all!

1/13 Update
Joe was to be taken off of the sedation so a neurological eval could be completed but he has a severe nose bleed and the sedation and paralytic had to be put back on. It was an emergency because the blood from the nose bleed could have gotten into the trach and lungs. The nurses acted quickly and prevented that. THANK GOD, again!
Anyway they will try again tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the continued prayers and thoughts you are sending!

1/18 Update
Remember the other day when I mentioned that every day wouldn't bring good news?
Well today is one of those days.
Nurse reported that again about 2 am Joe woke up and they couldn't calm him. No kidding. Why they would think it's a good idea to turn off his sedation while he's on a vent is beyond me.
Now he's back on paralytic (which he was doing great being off of for 2 days) and his vent and sedation is set higher again. The sedation is set now at a higher amount that it's ever been on.
He was perfectly fine on the amount of sedation he was on yesterday. He had been responding but not once had he tried to pull the vent out.
Frustrated. Seems like he takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Regardless, he's so very strong and continues to fight.
Thanks for all your thoughts and continued prayers! Joe will beat this! 💪🙏❤

Joe had a great day. Numbers were stable for most of the day. Had a little scare around 2 pm. At that pt he had been semi awake for about 3 hours with me. Remaining calm.
Nurse called for emergency xrays stat, fearing he had developed another mucus plug. Xrays determined that he had not.THANK YOU JESUS
Dr said he thinks he wore himself out being more alert for so long !
Long story short. She bumped his sedation up just a little but he did not fall back to sleep for another 2 hours. The last two hours he was moving his legs, arms and shoulders some.
Prayers are working, good people! Keep em' coming. Thank you from Joe and all of us. ❤

Joe had another good day. His numbers remain stable with the exception of many adjustments needed for his BP medications.
However they are now controlling it better.
Joe is off the paralytic for 2 days and today was taken completely off one of two of the heavy sedation meds. Today they have been wearing him off the other one that remains on a low dose, with introducing his body to a replacement that does not cause delirium and hallucinations. Hopefully tomorrow he will off the last one that causes those side effects.
Today Joe was able to have his eyes open some of the day and raise his arms (elbow down) a couple inches off bed.
The staff are impressed with his strength and progress over the last two days!
Of course we know how "tuff" he is! We love you Joe! Keep it up!
Keep praying please!
Won't it be a marvelous day when Joe can give his updates with his ❤ full of gratitude for the strength you continue to help him gain with your loving thoughts, prayers, cards and words of support.
Until then we will remain his eyes and ears by way of sharing updates and delivering your support to my dear brother! Thank you all ❤

Joe had a couple of procedures this morning. A PICC line and an IVC Filter was inserted through his groin. The filter will prevent blood clots from going to his brain, heart and or lungs.
He has been resting since surgery. His BP continues to move up and down. His PEEP is at 10 and vent is back down some at, 65%.
Unfortunately he's back on the paralytic and highly sedated. If all goes well through the night, they will begin to reduce those meds tomorrow.
We are hoping with the help of his medical team, all of our prayers and Jesus, that he has reached a turn/bend in the road, for the better.
Thank you all for being here with Joe and us. He is not alone with all of your love and support. ❤

Joe had a good day. He is off the paralytic and his sedation is down to almost half of what it was yesterday. Hoping tomorrow that he is able to tolerate more lessening of meds and of the vent. Can't go too fast and create another set back though.
Thank you all for your continued prays. May they be returned to you all 10 fold!! ❤

Posted by mulerider on 01-05-2022 08:58 PM:

Prayers sent. Joe is a friend for sure.

Tim Hickman

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