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Posted by BuckHicks on 04-29-2019 10:51 PM:

Stud Auction for WV Youth Hunt

WV State Coon Hunters Ass. will be holding a stud dog auction to help fund the youth hunt. Our goal is to give 100% of this money raised for this auction to the club hosting the youth hunt and show. We all know that the youth is the future of our sport. What better way to get them to come and enjoy the event than to give them something nice to maybe show a friend and they may also want to try our sport. The State Ass., club or I have nothing to gain but to share what we love to do with our hounds and family.

The auction will start now and run through until Aug.9th at the state hunt. Winners will be awarded there. You will have 1 year to use this breeding. It will be up to the owner of the stud dog to set guide lines for breeding. Such as live or frozen seaman neg buc text and so forth.

Stud dog owners please join me and help the youth out with this.

Let the bidding begin

Posted by BuckHicks on 04-29-2019 10:54 PM:

Camo Man

Let me start the list with GcGrNtCh West Fork River All Grand Camo Man. Live breeding and Neg Buc. Test. Min. Bid of $100.00 SS and Performance Sire
Get on board with me guys and girls


$150.00 Cody Sheets

Posted by tmarshall on 04-30-2019 12:21 AM:

Bids starting at $50. Brought in and negative brucellosis required!

Posted by BuckHicks on 04-30-2019 12:31 AM:


Thank you sir

Posted by nitehunter2004 on 04-30-2019 02:14 AM:

One Of The Best Reproducing Pedigrees Ever Put Together!
Wired 220, 2016/2017/2018/2019 UKC performance / PKC Super Stake Sire.
Stud Fee $300.

...........GrNtCh Hard Knockin Stylish Hayes
........GrNtCh Balls Stylish Hickory Nut Harry
...........GrNtCh Schmersal's Stylish Anna
.....GrNtCh Honey Creek Harry
...........GrNtChRock River Sackett JR
........GrNtCh Grch Night Heat Abby
...........GrNtCh Nite Heat Dixie’s
..GrNtCh Hardwood Bean
...........GrNtCh Yadkin Tar Rattler
........GrNtCh Nocturnal Nailor
...........GrNtCh Lockdown Lassie
.....GrNtCh Abbots Nocturnal Jodie
...........GrNtCh Houses Lipper
........GrNtCh Big Horn Daisy
...........GrNtCh Hivelys Big Sandy Brandy
.GrNtCh Big Money
...........GrNtCh Wagers Stylish Lipper
........GrNtCh Hard Knockin Stylish Hays
...........GrNtCh Taylors Hardwood Dixie
.....GrNtCh Balls Hickory Nut Harry
...........GrNtCh Logans Wild Clover
........GrNtCh Schmersals Stylish Anna
...........GrNtCh Kortes Stylish Chirpee
..GrNtChCh PKC SCH Harrys Stylish Candy
...........GrNtCh Rock River Sackett
........GrNtCh Rock River Sackett Jr
...........GrNtCh Skeans Dolly
.....GrNtCh Rock River Lady
...........GrNtCh Hicountry Nite Heat
........GrNtCh Nite Heat Dixie
...........GrNtCh Lone Pine Patches

T.Osborne..Homemade Kennels!
Home Of.
GrNtCh Hardwood Bean 11/28/03 - 4/14/14.
GrNtCh Big Money
GrNtCh North Mt Mort
T&R’s Homemade Trouble

GrNtChGrCh Homemade Josie.
Homemade Tank.
GrNtCh Hardwood Bean (SEMEN)
GrNtCh Abbotts Bawling Rebel (SEMEN)
GrNtChGrCh Tj's Stylish Lipper (SEMEN)
GrNtCh Nite Life Pay Dirt (SEMEN)
GrNtCh PKC Ch Poison Smoke (SEMEN)

HomeMade Kennels
Newton N.C

(828) 302-5480

Posted by BuckHicks on 04-30-2019 03:17 AM:


Thanks Tim

Posted by nkisamo1 on 04-30-2019 12:34 PM:

English Stud

Please put Nite Ch Ch 'PR' Nathan's Green Mtn Willie on the list.

Nathan Kisamore
Elk Garden, WV

Willies Wins:
3rd Place Registered Thursday 2016 Southern English Days in Madison, NC
6th Place Registered Saturday 2017 BBCHA Spring Hunt in Ashland, OH
6th Place Registered Thursday 2017 Southern English Days in Madison, NC
7th Place Registered Saturday 2017 Southern English Days in Madison, NC
1st Place Registered 2017 English Sectional at Petersburg, WV
3rd Place 2018 RQE at Medina, OH
2nd Place 2017 Rocky Creek Extravaganza
1st Place Ch BBCHA Sectional in Eckhart, MD
1st Place Ch UEB&FA Sectional Hunt and High Scoring English Male in Petersburg, WV

Green Mountain Farm and Kennel
Home of Gr Ch GrNite Ch'PR' Cane Spring Tigger (Spiderman X Fly)
Gr Nite Ch Ch 'PR' Pistol Annie (HossXJasmine)
Gr Ch Nite Ch 'PR' Nathan's Green Mtn Brandy (ProwlerXSelena)
Gr Nite Ch Ch 'PR' Nathan's Green Mtn Willie (TiggerXSelena)
'PR' N & E's Green Mtn Star (TiggerxBiscuit)

Posted by ed esposti on 04-30-2019 01:32 PM:

Here is a couple English Males to ad to your list.

---------GrNiteCh 'PR' Roberts Pin Oak Toad
------NiteCh 'PR' Timberjack Log Chain
---------NiteCh 'PR' Roberts Swamp Lily
---FCH NiteCh GrCh ‘PR’ Timberjack Log Truck HTX2
---------GrCh NiteCh 'PR' Shell Creek Slammin Sam
------'PR' Cridlin's Red Swamp Babe
---------NiteCh 'PR' Swamp Creek Boo
WCH NITECH CH ‘PR’ Timberjack Big Red (CHKC Champion)
---------GrniteCh Wilcox Thunder Saint Nick
------GRCH GrniteCh Oak Creek Red Jack
---------CH Oakridge Red Pepper
---CH 'PR' Timberjack Swan Creek Jill
---------RAEF'S Dollar Bill (ACHA WORLD CH)
------CH GrniteCh Oakridge Spare Change Sandy
---------CH Oakridge Red Pepper

--------GRNITECH 'PR' Main Street Jack
-----GRNITECH 'PR' Abbott's Waterlou Buster
--------CH GRNITECH 'PR' Abbott's Sweetwater Lou Kate
---NITECH Hardwood Blue
--------GRNITECH 'PR' Blue Grass Amos III
-----GRNITECH Abbott's Sweetwater Bell
--------GRNITECH Sutton's Ringing Belle
NITECH 'PR' Timberjack Tree Jack (CHKC Champion)(PKC Money Won)
--------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Main Street Roy
-----GRNITECH 'PR' Main Street Jack
--------NITECH 'PR' Lahti's Black Eye Belle
---'PR' Tri Valley Hardwood Nicky
--------GRNITECH 'PR' Moores Hardtime Rocky II
-----NITECH 'PR' Oakwoods Roxy
--------GRNITECH 'PR' Hardtime Quick

Timberjack English Kennels
Home of
NITECH 'PR' Timberjack Hardtime Betty (PKC Champion)

NEXT Generation
'PR' Timberjack Hardtime Bell
'PR' Timberjack Hardtime Gun

Posted by jakecumberledge on 04-30-2019 07:56 PM:

I'll add a black and tan CH"PR"Woodland K HI-Dollar Spike HTX to the list I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture when i get home the only thing i ask is for a Neg Buc. Test

...GRCH"PR"Cases Bodacious George
.."PR"Houts Stroker Ace
..."PR"Back Woods Ali
"PR"Kings Bammer Slammer
...CH"PR"Waskoms Setum up Mighty Hammer
.."PR"Houts Tree Singing Dixie
...CH"PR"Waskoms Setum Up Magic Star

CH"PR"Woodland K HI-Dollar Spike HTX

...NITECH GRCH"PR"Grimes Hill Top Warrior
.."PR"Newbanks Johnny Cash
...NITECH GRCH"PR"Grimes Black Heart Tara HTX
"PR"Kings Black Beauty
..."PR"Blanton Black Mack
.."PR"Boggs Outlaw Kate
..."PR"Boggs Black Lou

GRNITECH CH”PR”Specs Tree Bustin Mabel HTX
"PR"Woodland BBK Annie Oakley

Black and Tans
NITECH CH"PR"Woodland K HI-Dollar Spike HTX

CH HBCH Shenango Shylo
"PR"Shenango White River Bella
Woodland Drew Brees
Woodlands Blazin MJ
Woodlandk Elmer Fudd
Woodlandk Hello Dolly

Posted by BuckHicks on 04-30-2019 10:33 PM:


Thanks guys. The kids is what is all about

Posted by tmarshall on 05-02-2019 10:13 PM:

And if you aren't interested in this but can still help let them know!! Please help the kids the sport needs them!!

Posted by Cas2011 on 05-03-2019 06:05 PM:

Camo man

I’ll bid 150 on camo

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-03-2019 09:18 PM:


Thanks Cody Sheets

Posted by cox on 05-05-2019 01:05 PM:

big money

$100.00 on big money

Dorothy Louise Cox
Gandeeville, WV, 25243

'pr' midnight moonshine (uglystick x ruby)UKC,PKC,AKC, PKC DNA'd

........treeing walkers.....

grnitech ch 'pr' backwater sawbone ( bone x wendy ) UKC,PKC, pkc ch, UKC & PKC DNA'd
grch 'pr' backwater bonnie (bone x fly)UKC,PKC,AKC, PKC DNA'd
'pr' backwater b b (bone x lady) UKC,PKC, PKC DNA'd
'pr' backwater becky (bone x mercy)UKC,PKC,AKC, PKC DNA'd
ch'pr' walkabouts cash collector ( bone x penny ) UKC, PKC, PKC DNA'd
ch'pr' mt state rayne(rowdy x bonnie)UKC,PKC
ch'pr' mt state sierra(rowdy x bonnie)UKC,PKC
'pr' maple cr. sally(flying bo x nocternal sydney)UKC,PKC, PKC DNA'd
'pr'stylish lil cody(skoal attack x reba)UKC,PKC, PKC DNA'd
'pr' raggy ann ( track man x cindy ) UKC,PKC, PKC DNA'd


max von ruger Vlll (noah x rose)AKC,CKC, AKC DNA'd
darkside tara (worloc x zeida)AKC,CKC
lakeview's sadie (hareless x swift)AKC,CKC
darkside zealda (tara x max)AKC,CKC
darkside esmeralda (tara x max)AKC,CKC
darkside natasha (tara x max ) AKC,CKC

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-05-2019 09:01 PM:



Posted by Johnny Hager on 05-05-2019 11:11 PM:

Plott Hound

I’ll donate one on GR.Nite.CH.’PR’Workman’s Redwood Nite Rider. PKC Champion with over $3.800 won.

Also I will donate a free Stud free to any Youth that Hunts or Shows a Plott in the WV State Youth Hunt.

Hager's Mingo Plotts
Home Of:
GR.CH.GR.Nite.CH.Hager's Mingo-Redwood Solid Oak HTX
GR.Nite.Ch.GR.CH.Hager's Chessnut Charley
GR.Nite.CH.Workman's Redwood Nite Rider

GR.Nite.CH.R&R's Buckeye Dixon

Posted by Walkermanwv on 05-05-2019 11:25 PM:

Nitech pkc ch C&T's Cane

I'm gonna offer one on Cane..... 2019 WV Gov. Cup winner
Direct off late round bound top and off bone collector female on bottom..... Any questions pm me

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-05-2019 11:43 PM:


Thanks guys. Its all for the kids

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-06-2019 11:55 PM:


National Grand Nt Ch GrChGrNtCh Shreader just got on the list for bid. English guy's here you go.

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 12:00 AM:


Bid Standings as of now:

GrChGrNtCh West Fork River All Grand Camo Man

Cody Sheets : Bid $150.00

GrNtCh Big Money

Dorothy Cox : Bid $100.00

GrNtCh Workman's Redwood Nite Rider

Gerad Berresford : Bid $50.00

Slot Machine

Dorothy Cox Bid $50.00

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 02:02 AM:


GrNtCh Wi-Fi Owner Billy Killen

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 02:03 AM:


GrChGrNtCh Ice Cold Dirty Deeds Owner Chad Manns

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 02:05 AM:


NtCh Slot Machine Owner Nason Long

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 02:07 AM:


GrNtChGrCh Mud River Big Mack Owner Doug Keaton

Posted by BuckHicks on 05-07-2019 02:09 AM:


ChGntCh Rocky Creek Bullet Man Owners Mike Setlif Chad Nay and Brent RomShack

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