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Posted by Grace3mark on 06-08-2022 02:54 PM:

Leopard Breeders

hi there,

could you point me to some reputable and trustworthy breeders? i live in texas but willing to travel. thank you so much in advance.

looking for for a watchdog and companion to a high energy cowdog.

God bless you and your families!!!


Posted by TxLepsCurs on 11-11-2022 02:01 AM:


Are you looking for a pup or older dog. I have a litter that I'm about to send off for the papers They are 7 weeks old. But I just have a few available. Most are spoken for.


Mike Rogers

Posted by perry on 11-11-2022 01:54 PM:

Sounds like you are looking for a Catahoula?? These American leopards are tree dogs. Having said that they are smart enough and willing enough you could probably train one to work cattle. Check out Raymond Plummer in Missouri. He has had Catahoula a for a long time and also hunts his. Thanks Perry

Posted by TxLepsCurs on 11-11-2022 03:48 PM:


Mine are leopard Curs / hounds or whatever you prefer to call them. You can train these to do whatever want to run or work or just have around the house. Good mouths and noses. Out of my Handsome Jack dog and my Dot female. These will go back to the old cur style and Gary Sparks line with jug in it. I try to stay more cur looking and acting. It's just what I prefer. Karlak Grace is out of my stuff and I have some less up in Utah that work lions and coons.

David Pike in Bowie Tx has less too. Just not a lot of leopards around here.

thanks and let me know if I can help.


Mike Rogers
Stephenville Tx.

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