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Posted by STROKIN on 09-16-2019 01:13 PM:

Alpha raffle

Our club is raffling off a new alpha hand held. We are raising money for benches and trophies etc. We are using a deck of cards and once itís filled we will draw the winner. $25 a card. We will pay for the shipping. You can make checks out to Jeff Brown
1747 Dallas 113 Bearden AR 71720

Posted by STROKIN on 09-19-2019 08:57 PM:


Posted by STROKIN on 09-24-2019 12:43 PM:

I can also do pay pal. We need your help. Thanks

Posted by RC-Abby on 09-25-2019 11:13 PM:


Strokin I'm a sucker when it comes to raffles. But! I got burnt on here on a raffle. That's not a problem just shake it off and go on. But I will have to ask this question to anyone reading this is this a legit raffle? If it is my check will be in the mail. Thank You to anyone responding.


Posted by STROKIN on 09-28-2019 01:23 AM:

R C Abbey

I can assure you that itís legit. I can give you names of several people that know me personally if you like.
A few years ago I did a raffle for a youth group at my church. I raffled off a cap light. All the tickets were purchased at Black and Tan Days. Canít remember his name but a guy in Kentucky won.
But I do understand your dilemma

Posted by nick miller on 09-28-2019 01:46 AM:

Jeff is good as it gets, no need for concern, I can be a referance for him going back 20 years

Posted by STROKIN on 09-28-2019 09:47 PM:


Posted by sox12 on 09-29-2019 03:24 PM:

are there any cards left to buy for the raffle

George Steffes
Ph 419-212-2538
NT CH PR Southern Soggy Bottom Tilly { Gr ChGrNtCh Pr Ragged Ridge Ripsaw X Gr NT Ch Ragged Ridge Toadie }
CH Nt. Ch.PR Wandering Red & RR Bucksaw (GRCHGRNTCH Raged Ridge Rip X Grand Nite Raged Ridge Toadie )
GRNTCH.GRCh.PR Steffes' Whizz Bang[GRNTCH Big Walnut BooneXGRNTCH Raged Ridge Toadie]
GRCH.Wandering Red Pepper
GRCH.Wandering Red Honeys Sweety Pie

GR.NT.CH.GR.CH.PR Steffes wandering Red Tinkerbell {GRCHGRNTCH Raged Ridge RipsawXGRNTCH Ragged Ridge Toadie]

Posted by STROKIN on 09-29-2019 08:57 PM:

Originally posted by sox12
are there any cards left to buy for the raffle

Yes still have plenty

Posted by STROKIN on 10-01-2019 12:28 AM:

Phillop Herron your cards are your 10 clubs, 7 spades, and Queen diamonds. Thanks

Posted by STROKIN on 10-04-2019 11:11 PM:

You have a better chance of winning this than you do the lottery

Posted by STROKIN on 10-08-2019 01:01 AM:

Still have some left. Help us out while taking a chance to win this new alpha. Thanks

Posted by delta slough on 10-08-2019 01:28 AM:

I'll take a card. I think what you're doing is a great idea. Club officers need to rethink their business end of the club. There are a lot of ways to raise money to support a club, just be willing to work a little. I personally think one of the downfalls of ukc hunts today is the lack of awards on the local level. Today's younger generation is not not interested in competing for nothing .I'll mail you a check tomorrow. Good luck, Jr.steelman.

Posted by STROKIN on 10-08-2019 05:57 PM:

Thank you. Make sure you put your phone number so if you win I can get with you to get your address. Thanks

Posted by STROKIN on 10-11-2019 06:48 PM:

We could really use your help. Take a chance on winning this new alpha.

Posted by Mark Terrill on 10-11-2019 07:19 PM:

How many do you have left?

Posted by STROKIN on 10-12-2019 10:16 PM:


Still have quit a few. Havenít looked but Iím think about 30. Sold a couple last night at a hunt. Next weekend I think Iíll get a few more. Going to a hunt a couple hours away but the guys there are really eager to help. I expect to get at least 5

Posted by bigdiezel79 on 10-12-2019 11:03 PM:

Do yíall take PayPal?

(252) 213-6115 call or txt anytime

Jeremy Harris

Posted by STROKIN on 10-12-2019 11:14 PM:

Yes. Jeff Brown
If you send it pay pal please first do one dollar to make sure it goes through. You can text me at8706089573 to make sure it goes through. Please donít call because I get so many robo calls that I donít answer. Thanks

Posted by STROKIN on 10-16-2019 01:03 AM:

We are about half way there. We still need your help

Posted by STROKIN on 10-17-2019 12:26 AM:

We are getting a decent response to the alpha but we are only half way there. We could use your help. Take a chance on this new alpha

Posted by STROKIN on 10-22-2019 01:13 PM:

Iíve been getting a few checks coming in. We still need your help. This is better odds than hitting the lottery. $25 a card

Posted by STROKIN on 10-29-2019 09:17 PM:

We are going to end the raffle thanksgiving weekend. We have a long way to go but Iím tired posting on here and FB. We might only break even but it was worth a chance. Get on board. This is way better odds than hitting the lottery.

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