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Posted by Richard Lambert on 10-10-2020 05:33 PM:

The Election

In November every red blooded, God fearing, gun toting American that believes in capitalism, working for what you get, democracy and the true American Way will be voting for Trump.

Every blue blooded, libertarian, who believes in socialism and anarchy and is afraid to stand up for America will vote for Biden.

I guess we will find out how many Courageous Red Blooded Americans are left in the USA the first week of November.

Posted by Richard Lambert on 10-10-2020 05:40 PM:

Are your freedoms worth fighting for? How many courageous soldiers have risked their lives and given their lives for our right to vote?
How many Americans are now afraid to show up at a polling place and cast their ballots for the candidates of their choosing?
How many Americans are too afraid or it is too much trouble so they want to hide in their houses and mail in their ballot?

Posted by Boondok Kennels on 10-10-2020 06:42 PM:

This guy plans to vote in PERSON and NOT for Biden, along with my daughter and wife....

Bob Kwandrans Jr
Home of the Buck Creek dogs:
*Redneck Train Wreck
*GrNitech Buck Creek Country
*Nitech Buck Creek Susie
*Ch Blaster's Big Roller
*Buck Creek Sugie...RIP
*GrNiteCh Buck Creek Hitler...RIP

Posted by sleepy head on 10-10-2020 08:03 PM:

I get impression that the nasty one wants Trump re-elected, no one in there right mind can look and listen to her and think, yeah! This what America needs, but she keeps making sure she makes the news with stupidity

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