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Posted by Trevor / UKC on 09-26-2020 10:14 AM:

World Championship Final Cast

- GRCH GRNITECH(3) 'PR' Ice Cold Down-N-Dirty
6-year-old Male Treeing Walker

Owner - Chad Manns, Harts, WV
Breeder - Hanna Walters

----- GRNITECH 'PR' Ice Cold Sweat Bead
--- GRCH GRNITECH 'PR' Ice Cold Dirty Deeds
----- GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Keaton's Crazy Dasiey
-GRCH GRNITECH(3) 'PR' Ice Cold Down-N-Dirty
----- NITECH 'PR' Dalton's Brush Bustin Tucker
--- 'PR' Hanna's Calibear
----- 'PR' Chad's Striken Kate

- NITECH 'PR' Ridges Uncle Craker
1-year-old Male English

Owners - Darren Ridge, Hannah Ridge, Hagerstown, IN
Breeder - Eric Emery

----- GRNITECH 'PR' Shorts Loudmouth Jr
--- GRNITECH 'PR' River Bottoms Cracker Jack
----- 'PR' Short's Blue Angel
- NITECH 'PR' Ridges Uncle Craker
----- NITECH 'PR" Big River Rusty
--- 'PR' Ruby Ridge Rusty Nail
----- 'PR' Big River Potion #9

- GRNITECH 'PR' Stylish Brutus
4-year-old Male Treeing Walker

Owners - Steve Scott, Steve Akers, Oakwood, OH
Breeder - Fred Bodenburg

----- GRNITECH 'PR' Stylish Little Man
--- GRNITECH 'PR' Stylish Little Manson
----- NITECH 'PR' Stylish Pretty Girl
- GRNITECH 'PR' Stylish Brutus
----- NITECH 'PR' Skuna River Fred
--- 'PR' Bodenburg's Phyling Solo
----- 'PR" Bodenburg's Phlying Dog

- NITECH 'PR' Mojo's Electric Rodeo
4-year-old Male Treeing Walker

Owners - Scott Engle, Randy Morgan, Hillsboro, OH
Breeder - Tim Stevens

----- CH GRNITECH 'PR' Boogar Hollow Mojo
--- GRNITECH 'PR' Mojo Mason
----- GRNITECH 'PR' Tar Heel Maggie
- NITECH 'PR' Mojo's Electric Rodeo
----- 'PR' Yadkin River Buddy
--- 'PR' Zip's Stylish Gabby
----- 'PR' White Oak Stylish Zip


It's go time folks! It's 8:20 and the cast is geared up and rolling out of the Miami Co Fairgrounds in Peru.

Matt Beebout is guiding the cast, taking them merely ten minutes up the road to a large section that has been saved for this very occasion.

Chad McCoin is in charge assisted by Keith Kochert. Matt Gassaway will be recording the scores for Chad, and Trevor Wade (UKC) will be reporting the action back to me (Allen Gingerich). Grab your drink and a snack and get settled in.

You know the players and we look forward to a good hunt and crowning a World Champion. The temps are currently at 69 degrees and a breezy SW wind coming at us at about 14 mph.

Beebout says the place they are headed to will have plenty of game and safe for four wide hunting dogs to hunt safely for the two-hour hunt.

* Hounds are lined up…………… start the clock! Cut ‘em!

• Minute is up. No bark yet.
• Joe strikes first, off to the east. Engle calls for first strike on Joe!
• The cast is tightening up on Joe. Just windy enough to make it a little difficult to hear.
• Dirty struck for 75 to the SE! Cracker for 5o in the same area with Dirty. The struck hounds are spread out enough to make it difficult to hear with the stiff breeze. The cast is trying to get in better position. Hang on.
• “Tree Cracker!”, says Ridge. He’s deep to the east of the cast. They are wasting no time walking towards him.
• Joe treed for 125! Off towards the same direction now as Cracker but closer to the cast.
• The cast is now getting close to Joe and cannot hear Cracker. They are moving up to the top of a knoll to listen for Cracker.
• Yep…… there he is. Now they can hear Cracker again. McCoin has asked Kochert to go with Engle to handle Joe and wait while the rest of the cast goes to score Cracker. Strike Brutus for 25, waaay behind the cast towards the west.
• Stop…… Cracker has gone silent. Two is running.
• Nothing on Cracker and the two gets him. Minus Cracker 125. The cast puts it in reverse and are headed back to Joe.
• The cast has arrived at Joe’s tree. Start the shine time.
• Chad Manns yells to the judge, “here he is”. McCoin confirms it. Plus up Joe! 30 minutes used in the hunt.
• Joe is on leash and ready to be cut. But McCoin has him wait for a bark from one of the dogs.
• There’s a dog! It’s Brutus. Cut Joe.
• Brutus is treed! Dakota Scott calls him for 125!
• Tree Cracker for 75, with Brutus.
• Oops. Ridge says to minus Cracker. Minus him 75 on tree.
• Tree Cracker for 125, on a separate tree! Whew…. He must be moving around but we’ll see how this shakes out in a minute here.
• • The cast is still headed towards Brutis, and now coming up on Cracker. Kochert (back-up judge) and Ridge are going to Cracker while the judge and the rest of the cast continues on towards Brutis.
• Finally, the cast has arrived and handled Brutis. Strike Joe, and put him on the card for a 25 strike.
• Now 48 minutes used in the hunt.
• Plus up Brutis. He’s got the coon!

Dirty (75 strike pending)
Cracker 200- (25 strike and 125 tree pending)
Brutis 150+
Joe 225+ (25 strike pending)

• Brutis is back in the dark and the cast is headed back towards Cracker.
• TREE Dirty! Manns calls him treed for 125. The cast continues on towards Cracker.
• From where the cast is positioned now, they will be walking nearby Dirty on their way to Cracker. Kochert is getting used to going with handlers to split trees while the rest of the cast goes to another treed dog first.
• Finally got a leash on Cracker and they are shining his tree.
• Engle is asking the judge to step off to the side and listen, thinking he’s hearing Joe off in the distance.
• Cracker is good for a coon! Plus him up. No time wasted cutting Cracker back loose and the cast is headed towards Dirty.
• Now halfway home in this cast. Approx an hour remains as the cast nears Dirty.
• The cast has arrived and Manns has Dirty handled. Dim lights are in the tree.
• Engle repays the favor and lets Chad know he has Dirty’s coon. McCoin confirms. Plus up Dirty!
• Dirty is good to go but we have silence. Waiting on a dog to bark before recasting Dirty.
• Strike Cracker for 25! Dirty is recast.
• Cracker is opening in the same general area where he scored a on a coon a little while ago. We’ll find out shortly. At least that’s the talk right now.
• Cracker is merely a hundred yards from the cast and they are headed in his direction.
• Yeaaa-yup….. same tree. Delete Crackers’ strike and tree points. He’s back on leash and the cast is walking away from the previously scored tree to listen for a dog opening before recasting Cracker.
• There’s Brutis……. put him on the card for 25 strike. Cracker is recut.
• Brutis is opening off in the distance and the cast is moving in his direction. Unclear on further info on Joe at this point. Hang on.
• The judge has now determined that Brutis is obviously treed and applies the stationary on him.
• Scott now calls Brutis for 125 on tree. He’s approx. 600 yards from the cast right now. They are taking off towards him.
• Cracker is called struck for 25, while the cast navigates through a little thick spot . Dirty is struck back in as well for 25.
• FYI - There was 42 minutes remining in the hunt when Brutis was called treed.
• The cast has now entered an open field and are headed across it towards Brutis.
• Hold on…. No Brutis. Two is running on Brutis.
• Tree Dirty! 125. He is NW of the cast apprx 250 yards.
• Uh-oh. Two minutes catches Brutis. Minus his 125 tree points. The cast has now put it in park for a minute. Trevor says this may be the first time the cast is not walking since the start of the hunt.
• Well…… that breather only lasted for the time it took Trevor to text the message. Off they go towards Dirty. His tree is now dead. Tree Cracker for 125 in the same vicinity as Dirty.
• Re-tree Brutis for 125 in the same area he was in a minute ago.
• The cast has arrived at Dirtys’ tree. Shining.
• Cracker is nowhere in sight and not treeing anywhere. He’s minused 125.
• Here comes Cracker into Dirtys’ tree and is handled. Still shining the tree.
• Eyeballs! Plus up Dirty. Ridge elects to keep Cracker on the leash while they head towards Brutis. Dirty is recast.
• Tree Joe for 125! As the cast is walking across and open field, Dirty is struck back in again for 25.
• Two is working on Brutis again. Hold on.
• Time has wound down quickly as all this has been going on. 15 minutes remining in the World Hunt.
• The two catches Brutis. Minus him 125. The cast redirects towards Joe. It's going to be a haul to get to him. Getting intense now!
• TREE Dirty! 125. He’s now approx. 900 yards from the cast and only four minutes remains in the hunt. Still headed towards Joe. McCoin sends Kochert with Manns to handle Dirty. The hunt will be over with two trees to score. Can you say very intense?
• The judges’ phone is ringing. It’s the backup on the other end. Dirty quit treeing and the two minutes got him. Minus Dirty 125. The cast continues on to Joe. They are almost there. WOW.
• The cast finally arrived at Joe’s tree and found him on a big den tree. Circle up Joe. It’s been non-stop action. At headquarters, we have Joe and Dirty unofficially tied with 225+. The tie-breaker would have Joe winning but we’ll wait a minute to get the official word from the woods. Hang on.
• So, the cast was a long way from their starting point and had to wait on someone to drive around to pick them up. They have gathered up all the dogs and made the final scores are now official as follows:

Dirty 225+ (125 minus on card)
Cracker 175-
Brutis 100-
Rodeo (Joe) 225+ CW

Congratulations to Scott Engle and Randy Morgan on their win with Mojo’s Electric Rodeo the 2020 UKC World Nite Hunt Champion!

Posted by Trevor / UKC on 09-26-2020 10:15 AM:

Stay tuned here for final cast play x play Saturday night!

Posted by Joe Moore on 09-26-2020 03:45 PM:

Caught my eye that all 4 dogs are out of a non-titled female.

Joe Moore
-2003 UKC Youth National Bench Show Champion
-2003 PKC Youth World Top 8
-2004 PKC Youth World Hunt, 3rd place
-2005 UKC PA State Overall Show Champion
-2007 UKC Youh National Hunt, 3rd place

-PKC Silver Ch, GRNTCH 'pr' Tree Stalkins Stylish Striker

Posted by Josh Davidson on 09-26-2020 03:50 PM:

Caught mine too

ICE COLD KENNEL. (Ice Cold Crew)



JOSH DAVIDSON 304-654-6819

Posted by Steve Flint on 09-26-2020 04:06 PM:

Funny little fact every dog in the final 4 none or 1 titled dogs in bottom side of the 3 gen prdigree.

Thank GOD that we can still free cast dogs in this country!
Always try to breed the best to the best, never seen a set of papers tree a coon!
Gr Nt Ch "Pr" Flint's Ohio River Tammy (Produced 2 Southeastern Treeing Walker Days Champions)
Gr Nt Ch "PR" Flint's Terrible Tiny (Tammy X Wootens Ohio River Duke)
Gr Ch Gr Nt Ch "Pr"Flint's Rat Poison( Rat Attack X Hot Pepper)
Gr Nt Ch Gr Ch "Pr"Flint's Pine Knot (Iron Eagle X Hot Pepper)
Nt Ch "Pr"Flint's Jody
Nt Ch "Pr"Flint's Big E (Rat X Tiny)
Ch Nt Ch "Pr"Flint & Chilzers Rat's Boy ( Rat X Pepper)
Nt Ch Ch "Pr" Torch's Hot Pepper (Torch X Tammy )=4 wins to GR Nt(1999 Southeastern Treeing Walker Days High Scoring Opposite Sex Winner)
Nt Ch "Pr"Torch's Hot Son (Torch X Tammy)
Gr. Nt. Ch. "Pr" Flint's Spider Monkey -2 time double cast winner at TWBFA Days (Gr Nt Ch Honey Creek Spider x Nt Ch Gibbies Easy Money)
Ch Gr Nt Ch Slobber Slingin Daisy May (Big E X Slobber Slingin Poison)
Nt Ch Flint’s Tiger Lilly
(Gr Nt Ch Martin’s Hardwood Solo x Hoy’s Treetop Mandy)

Posted by DwayneWhite on 09-26-2020 04:25 PM:

Non titled females

Are yall saying non ukc titled females can reproduce???

Posted by Dave Richards on 09-26-2020 08:58 PM:


I think the intent was to say it's the bloodline and not the titles that produce. Focus on the bloodline and not worry about the All Grand pedigrees, titles are just a product of someone's efforts in the hunts, the blood is there with or without a title. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by Ridgerunner1988 on 09-26-2020 09:39 PM:

Just goes to show than an All Grand Pedigree doesnt mean much when it comes to abilities, the bloodline is what matters, titles dont mean squat when it comes to producing a coondog. Titles are just pieces of paper. And I'd like to say good luck and great job to all 4 of he final cast for making it to the finals. And extra good luck to Darren Ridge and Uncle Cracker go out there and take care of business guys.


Posted by nitehunter2004 on 09-26-2020 11:02 PM:

Hummm Guess we should over look the top side, 2 of the final 4 is all Gn on the top an one is all Gn except one dog.

Posted by Dave Richards on 09-27-2020 12:37 AM:

Tim Osborne

Don't think anyone is overlooking the top, simply an observation that it's not all about the TITLES, it's more about the blood. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by Ridgerunner1988 on 09-27-2020 12:51 AM:

Re: Tim Osborne

Originally posted by Dave Richards
Don't think anyone is overlooking the top, simply an observation that it's not all about the TITLES, it's more about the blood. Dave
X2 That's exactly what trying to say.


Posted by Deep Holler Ken on 09-27-2020 01:20 AM:


Rodeo isn't titled in UKC. Dosen't mean he hasn't done a lot of winning. Some of those females might be hunted in a lot more PKC hunts

Curt Ross

Posted by Cas2011 on 09-27-2020 01:24 AM:

Rodeo is a nitech

Posted by Jacob Rymer on 09-27-2020 01:25 AM:


Is any body going to live on Facebook

Posted by khester7923 on 09-27-2020 01:25 AM:

what time does it start tonight

Posted by Laura Bell on 09-27-2020 01:28 AM:

Re: World

Originally posted by Jacob Rymer
Is any body going to live on Facebook

I always run an unofficial one on my page with all the updates from here cross posted there -

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Posted by Dave Richards on 09-27-2020 01:30 AM:


Good point, it's the dog not the TITLES that count, the dog may not have a title for a very good reason, just like the one you mentioned. You never get the TITLES of the dogs you breed to, only the blood and that's what matters the most. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by BlueRidge1 on 09-27-2020 01:31 AM:

Ty laura

Ty very much

Blue Ridge Kennels
Ernest R Stephens Jr

NiteCh GrCh GrFch GrWch "PR" Red Ridge's Super Shock Z HTX 3
1 NiteCh cast wins in UKC
Ch"PR" Red Ridges Zeeva Daveed out of my Z and female I owned
Long Live The Red Dogz
PKC # 82205

Posted by MIKE CARDER on 09-27-2020 01:38 AM:


Is the play by play!

Iraq Vet, 03-05, 05-07, 09-10

Phone number 270-820-5560

Posted by jyd on 09-27-2020 01:40 AM:

Where is the play by play .. this is silly

Virginia Junk Yard Kennels ........JYD Kennels
Chris Cornell..........................Matt Sebastian
Cana, VA 24317....................Laurel Springs NC
336 648 9919..........................336 927 2818
( Gone But Not Forgotten )
GR NITE CH Virginia Junk Yard Dog ( SPANKY)
***Placed 14th at 2008 UKC World Hunt****
Gr Nite Ch Gr.ChVirginia Junk Yard Atomic Dog ( A.D.
:Nite Ch Gr Ch Virginia Junk Yard Poacher
Current Blues :
All my Blue hounds have Sparetime Spanky blood in their veins..My Choice....I like it ! My TWs could use some of it
GRNITECH Cornell's Slickrock Liz R.I.P.
NTCH Cornell's Slickrock Jenny R.I.P.
NTCH Little Woods Smooth Silk R.I.P.
PR Cana's Pro Joe R.I.P.

Posted by Dogwhisper on 09-27-2020 01:42 AM:

Originally posted by jyd
Where is the play by play .. this is silly


Posted by Allen / UKC on 09-27-2020 01:53 AM:

First post on this thread. Scroll up.

Posted by Deep Holler Ken on 09-27-2020 01:55 AM:

They probly haven't turned loose yet

Curt Ross

Posted by pabeagler on 09-27-2020 02:30 AM:

Trevor , whats happening ?

Then peter said unto them, Repent, and be
baptized every one of you in the name of
jesus christ for the remission of sins , and ye
shall receive the gift of the holy ghost

Posted by Patrick Moore on 09-27-2020 02:34 AM:

Originally posted by pabeagler
Trevor , whats happening ?

The play by play is in the first post below where the dogs are listed. Just scroll up

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