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Posted by kardinalkennels on 01-25-2020 05:25 PM:

Fast Gritty Loud Smart Bluetick Pups On the Way

Lot of guys been waiting for pups, been awhile since I've made a cross.

I made a really nice cross today. These are the ones if you've waiting or looking for.

Haven't been on here for quite a while so most are old and unanswered.

P.M. if interested.

They are full of Rambo II, Albert, and Old Sebastian / Vaughn Blood in that order.

Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

Posted by treedog69 on 01-28-2020 05:09 PM:


Pm'd you thanks

Posted by kardinalkennels on 02-02-2020 12:40 AM:

Thanks for all the p.m's

Answers questions.

The dogs are small around 30 to 45 lbs tops, 45 would not be in running shape IMO.
They have super tight feet, tough.
Most are dark with dark trim.
No chuckleheads in this batch.
Muzzles will be short and thin, not pencil nosed.
Heads blocky for the most part, symmetrical to body.
Very deep chested, gray hound like.
Yes they are fast, very.
Extremely gritty and aggressive towards game.
Not mean but with any game minded hound the potential is there.
Located In mid western VA near I 64, 35 min from where it comes through the WV and VA.
Again VERY smart dogs, very easy to train and easy keepers for the most part.
They will be loud with voices that carry nicely.
They will be also stand on the tree type dogs, not tree happy but very tree minded.
These are deep hunting dogs if you like to just cut loose.
They could be easily be comp hunt dogs.
These pups should be show dog quality if that is your thing on the side, definitely head turners.
I am listing puppys, not started dogs, you do your part and train them to lead, walk them thru the woods and if you expose them to live game at a VERY young age, there ability will blow your mind.

PUPS $275 with a deposit

If you are looking for a dog with Sebastian, Vaughn, Brag, or Cameron in the first gen look somewhere else these are my dogs. Its there but back there. A pup I got off Del, a full brother / full sister cross ( Sebastian, Vaughn) and dogs that produced these 2 were very tight bred (Sebastian, Vaughn). It was Dels foundation stock and its back there in mine, seen in a 6, or 7 gen. Who really cares, results are the bottom line when it comes to any kind of hunting dog. I hunt when I can with what I've bred, aThend very happy with the results.

I will post a ped as the the time gets closer it that is your thing. This is a half brother / half sister cross, second made. Last cross was 2 yr ago, I have a male and female off this cross, and I will keep several off this litter myself, it may be the last cross I make, Im not getting any younger and these mts are getting steeper.

Who knows she may not even take, just posting a good cross! I may have another female bred off cross I am listing, not sure if the old man had it in him, but the cross I am listing I seen, the other 2 were just in the back yard through out her cycle.

Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

Posted by Toolman24 on 02-02-2020 08:50 PM:


Sent you a pm but mailbox is full

Posted by Mtcatjak on 02-07-2020 07:39 PM:

Female pup

Also sent a PM but mailbox still full...
Text is best...207-838-8335

Killkelley Kennels

Posted by Hickstock on 02-13-2020 09:32 PM:

Contact number.

What's your phone number

Posted by bigcoonsdropen on 02-14-2020 12:38 PM:

Phone number

Can I get a phone number for you please

Posted by kardinalkennels on 02-17-2020 02:17 AM:

I will try and get in touch with everyone this week, not on here much, got alot of construction projects going on.

thanks to all

Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

Posted by smaguire on 03-03-2020 02:08 AM:

Sent a PM to you Rocklynn, but looks like I didn't get through due to a full mailbox. Please PM me or let me know how best to contact you.


Posted by bluemoose25 on 03-19-2020 02:46 PM:

Blue pups

interested in your pups tried to pm but mail box was full .

Caseys Missouri Blue Kennels II
Home of
GRCH GRNITECH Casey's Missouri Blue Freddy
GRCH GRNITECH Casey's Missouri Blue Bud
GRCH NITECH 'PR' Fosters HammerDown Blue Molly

GRCH NITECH 'PR' Big Creek Blue Brezz
GRCH NITECH ‘PR’ T’zers Hammerdown Blue Twister
CH NITECH 'PR' Casey's Missouri Blue Spiderman
NITECH 'PR' GoodTime Blue Payton
NITECH 'PR' Martins Midwest Blue Betty
NITECH CH 'PR' Casey's Missouri Blue Spook
CH 'PR'Casey's Missouri Blue Annie 5
Cody Smith 423-519-7166
Richard Casey 501-728-2007
Anthony Hamilton 423-442-3956
Steven Brady 409-383-9694
Eric Summey 936-465-5981

Posted by kardinalkennels on 03-20-2020 02:35 AM:

Sorry guys I haven't answered or gotten back to anyone one about pups yet. They are not here yet but it shouldn't be long, if she carries them to 63 days they should be born on the 28 of this month.

She is definitely with pups, and by the looks of her, it should be a large litter of 8 or more.

She seems healthy and happy for the most part. I am sure she will be glad to get them out as she is big as a barrel. She was a great mother to the last batch and I am sure she will be this go around.

I have a photo bucket with pictures but forgot password. I am going to try and figure that out tonight.

The ped below is the Grand sire on both sides of the pups. Johnny is Sire to Female bred and Sire to Male that sired pups.




I got this off the Bluetick pup page under the thread best of the best.

Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

Posted by bigcoonsdropen on 03-20-2020 03:18 PM:

Has anyone been able to get ahold of this fella I'd really like to talk with him.

Posted by bluedogs22 on 03-20-2020 04:32 PM:

Tried to send you a PM but said it was full. I am very interested in getting a puppy from you if there are any available when the time comes. My number is 480-227-3108, its an AZ number but I am in Montana. Please call or text if you have any puppies available

Thanks, Jess

Posted by kardinalkennels on 03-28-2020 12:08 AM:

Purdy's temp is up, she is moving slowly about the pen, in her box for the most part and miserable for sure.

Pups are due tomorrow, but expect they start coming tonight. I will be keeping a close eye on her. This should be a very large litter, I am expecting 10, will know soon.

I am sure some of you fellas are up set with me for not getting back with you, but the description is pretty accurate, I am sure some will make a lier of me, if you are around hunting dogs very long they usually do. If someone is lucky enough to get a dud I will try and make it right.

So guys tonight or tomorrow is the big day. I will be in touch with everyone who has pmdd or posted by Sunday. I'll also have a head count and sexes.

I hope everybody's body is safe and well.

Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

Posted by kardinalkennels on 03-29-2020 03:23 PM:

Pups have not arrived yet as of 10am this morning Sunday

I sent out p.m.s to the folks that I don't have numbers for. If you are still interested in a pup please respond with # (cell preferred at this time) sex of desired pup and state you live in, please.

For those of you that that left a phone number or posted one, I will be in touch soon by a text to make sure a time is acceptable for me to call.


Rocklynn Phillips
Kardinal Kennels

Pups and started dogs available from time to time.

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