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Posted by JOE H BROOKS on 01-02-2019 05:18 AM:


Rosie, was red in color, but her sire was a black&tan, which was Hanselman's Ragin Ricky, you would know him today under the name, of Tenn. Ranger. Carl said, when he hunted her mother, and Ricky together, they were so loud, that people, would stop and go into the tree, to see what was treeing so loud. Rosie's mother was a Hennings Chief, bred ukc registered, redbone, Carl, made the cross, then sold her to a fellow in Canada, he was to get two pups back, so a, local fellow, went up there hunting, and brought back to female pups, they were 4 weeks old. So Carl, gave them to, Morris Ellis, to finish raiseing them, and to get them started. Morris liked, Rosie better, so he kept her and gave the other female back to Carl. Carl sold his to a bear hunter, in carolinia. I got to hunt with, Rosie, several nights, she didn't hunt real deep, we walked her, but she'd take a cold track, work it up and tree the coon. Once in a great while she'd tree a possum, when my walker dog, would come back to us, jumping up and down, when she treed, she'd have a possum, he'd tell on her, but she'd tree, 90% of the coons we'd tree, i really liked her. She died early, she had something wrong with her insides, as every once in a while, she'd crap a lot of blood, but dam she was a real coon treer. I happened to see on here, were a fellow wanted a black&tan out of redbone stock, they do happen, every once in a while, it reminded me of Rosie.


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