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Posted by Plott06 on 09-08-2019 02:47 PM:

!@#$$$##@ josh Smith or Austin Freeman !@#$$#@@@

Howdy, Just want to share so that others do not get scammed by this man THAT goes by Josh Smith from West Virginia 16062918969 and his buddy Austin Freeman from Morehead Kentucky 16062918366, And different names on the UKC such as BackwoodsBeauty. and Freaknasty2010 after you read this you will find that he is a scam artist and we believe that he plays as the same person. August 11th I answered an ad in regards to a rig/start redbone female 5 years old. He stated on the phone and in text that she would start a 8 to 10 hour old track and that she would be a good pup trainer. So we went ahead with the plans to have her transported to Wisconsin from West Virginia but Josh smith came back with he was going to be out of town so he would ask his friend in Kentucky to meet the hauler, Josh smith also asked that we pay his buddy Austin Freeman. I have all this in text from Josh Smith, So I went about sending money to Josh's friend Austin in KY, the hauler was in a route that would put him in Ky roughly the 23rd of August, all was set as planned, when the hauler picked the hound up, He messaged me pictures of sores all other the hound and from the look of the hound had not been properly feed. I asked Josh about the sores and stated that the could be heat bumps. and sent him pictures as well with no response from Josh. The hound was delivered on the 27th the sore had already looked much better in the few days with the hauler. We got her on a good feeding schedule before the Wisconsin kill season opened, Come Sept 4th this hound wanted NOTHING to do with a hit bait. Then spent an hour trying to catch her. She would not come to a man as we believe she has been mistreated BADLY BUT she would come to a women. Sept 5th we loaded up to check baits and trail camera's we know that the bear track was less then 3 hours old and again she wanted NOTHING to do with it. I sent Josh a text message at 7am and have yet to hear back from him each time I call 16062918969 Josh sends it to voice mail. and he stated in a text that he would like her back if we should ever want to sell her. He still has yet to to respond back to us.

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