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Posted by cripple creek on 04-04-2019 06:58 PM:

Anybody ever breed a beagle to a Walker Hound?

On purpose or accident either way?
Some old hunters were talking and said it might work for squirrel dogs. One fellow said he had seen some beagles that would tree. Just curious.

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Posted by Stormynights on 04-05-2019 02:26 PM:

beagle hound cross

This has been done a lot. Not just crossing with walker dogs but with other breeds as well. In my neck of the woods it's done primarily to get a longer legged hound for running snowshoe hares.
But there are guys that like to run these crosses on fox also. While some of the offspring have been known to be good tree dogs...there is virtually no advantages to make these crosses to produce a tree dog.
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Posted by Awe Sum Mass on 04-05-2019 07:56 PM:


Call Bill Barger his dogs just naturally tree squirrels. I think David James is in Tenn. and he has some squirrel dogs for sale on the cur and feist section here on the UKC site. You can't find anybody more honest than David James when it comes to telling you about a dog he is selling.

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Posted by Black Ash Bawl on 04-07-2019 07:01 AM:

fox hounds

15 inch beagle crossed with black and tan coonhound.. My first hound back in 1983. Did not tree , deer chaser thru and thru.


Posted by kordog on 04-08-2019 01:41 AM:

made that cross for longer legged rabbit hounds ,out of two coldnosed outstanding hounds .result was athletic medium sized hounds with hot noses.the nose part kept them from being real complete hare hounds when scent conditions get to the point a good beagle shows why they excel on hares.made this same cross many years before that with an average beagle and outstanding ,but med nosed walker with the same exact results .hot nosed,athletic hounds which was why I had to try it again with the more outstanding cold nosed hounds,but it ended the same.should of probably tried breeding back to another great beagle with the offspring for more beagle genetics ,but just never did,because I heard a lot of other guys getting the same results crossing tree hounds with beagles for hare. twice was enough of a disappointment i never saw any natural treeing tendencies in the offspring I produced either .my treeing walker pups always show that first patch beagle was everything and more than I was hopeing for in a harehound ,but I couldn't quite reproduce her either,****

Posted by Awe Sum Mass on 04-08-2019 06:43 PM:


I thought this thread was about breeding for squirrel dogs. I've got 2 Brittany's that will tree squirrels until you rip them off the tree. Yet broke to death on birds as well. Steady to wing and shot. I believe bird dogs have the best noses of any hunting dog. Problem is they're almost guaranteed to be silent trailers. Hard to shoot hare with a silent trailing hare dog."LOL"

Dick Hanny
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