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Posted by wbond on 05-17-2019 09:24 PM:


I like to listen to people who train dogs of any type this gentleman who I guess was is maybe some where in his 80's has trained sheep and cattle dogs all of his life and has had several dogs to win at national levels of competition when he was asked at what age to start training a young dog he said he would not take any younger than 10 months because they don't have the physical development in there mind or body to train at a high level most all herd dogs will do it naturally when very young but because of not being physically developed and there mind isn't developed they learn to many bad things and short cuts to ever become an outstanding dog

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Posted by Reuben on 05-18-2019 11:52 AM:

Sounds like he really knows what it takes to get the best from his dogs...
I wonder what his methods are for breeding, working the female while pregnant, selecting and socializing the pups in preparing them for the extensive training that starts at 10-12 months of age?

Training dogs is not so much about quantity, it's more about timing, and the right situations...After that it's up to the dog....A hunting dog is born...

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