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Posted by wildwilly0161 on 04-19-2019 08:24 PM:

Training Tips Coming SOON !!

Soon my Son and I will be adding, Coon Hound Quick Tips to our, YouTube channel! This informative information will include Tips for all levels of enthusiasts !! Newcomers to Seasoned professionals will find much value within these tried and tested methods !!! All of our techniques are comprised, of a Positive Reinforcement system, making it Fun for all ages of Hunters. Our intention is to Spread, Gentile nonabusive forms of Coon Hound training throughout the Coon Hound World !!!! So that Children interested in our sport will more likely EMBRACE it, By Having FUN while using our methods as we do here at Bad Boys Blue Kennel !!!!!! As I believe that Only with Children's Enjoyment of it, Will our Sport remain and continue to Grow !!!!
I have spent nearly two-decades learning how to IGNITE Passion in Houndsmen off all ages through having Fun while using our training methods !!!

Please feel free to post any tips you would like to see us cover !!

The first focus of these Tips will be directed toward puppy starting fundamentals and how to have Fun achieving them in less time than most believe possible !!!


Scent wirring- Kenneled Hounds miss out on many things that natural K9 preditors learn from their Mothers in the Wild. Here at our Kennel, we study the Survival of the Fittest and how it applies to scent when puppies are developing! Learn how to recreate all the scent socialization that our puppies miss out on while being domestically raised !!!

10 Minute Loading- Teach young Hounds to completely load and unload upon a verbal command, for the rest of their lives. Within 10 minutes or less of your time !!!

Accuracy 101- Learn my beginning stages of Accuracy training and how it applies to our Hounds understanding of it. I saved between 25 and 30 slick treeing Hounds live with this simple technique that takes no more time than we spend with our Hounds now !!! All these Hounds are amazingly Accurate now, many already finished to Grand Nite Champions !!!

Puppy Aggression Prevention- Protect your investment and time spent with your new Coon Hound Puppy by following a simple to use guide we prevent all future Aggression so it never becomes an issue !!

Rigg Training- Teach any Hound that is already Treeing how to rigg in under one week !!

Off Game prevention- Give your young Hound a true understanding of what off game is and that it is completely unwanted. In a Gentile way that eliminates Off Game from ever happening !!!

Stay Put Basics- A must for the Comp Hunter !! Learn how to start building a Stay Put Dog Like no other through scent belief, wherein our young Hounds Locate on the Body of the coon Not because scent went up a tree. Begetting an entirely different Dimension on Stay Put and Accuracy !!!!!!

Look for these and many more soon !! I'll post here as soon as the tips are available !!!!!!

to Order visit

Click link to see our Upcoming library Obedience Video !!

Home of Dual GR.CH. !! Bad Boy Brussel !!

(((((((One of the smartest coon hounds on the Face of the EARTH))))))) 40 verbal comands 20 hand signals !! Amazing In the Woods!!!!
Pm for DVD Video !!

Wild Willy's Way to Complete Coon Hound Control training system / Specializing in Coonhound Control and Scent Training Scent Hounds !!! With Positive Reinforcement Methods !!! Click the link to watch WildWilly'sWay to 10 minute Loading training- Quick Tip See a Sneak Peek of our beliefs on Off Game Breaking with this link- Off game Breaking

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