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Posted by ELMO OVERTON on 11-27-2021 04:15 PM:

I am still here.

I have been in the hospital for a long time and they are still trying to figure me out. 5 YEARS so far back and forth. i miss my time in the woods and competing. don't take your time for granted. tomorrow is never promised.
BLUETICKS IS AND WAS my calling. Never give up.

Past and Present

GrNitech Overton's Breathless Blue Chief Full brother to Nite ch Snowdens Runt
Gr Nite ch Overton's Breathless Blu Knight. King of Hunt Fall Round Up 2006 loudest dog I have ever owned.
Gr Nite ch Overton's Breathless Blue Roler hit died at 2years old at semi finals of World hunt
Gr Nite ch Utchmans Double Eagle Hoss
Dual Grand Utchmans So Blue Timber top 100 Finalist in 2005 World hunt 2012 performance sire
Gr Ch Nite CH Overton's Breathless Blue Warrior 4wins died at 6 yrs old. Sire to Knight
NiteCh Overton's Breathless Blue Dixie LOUD!
NiteCH Lienbachs Breathless Blue Jammer
Nite Ch Overton's Breathless Blue Drum 3 wins to Grand. before 2 yrs old Running ant treeing wild coons at 5 months alone.
Gr Ch Nitech Rob's Blue Tomahawk
Pr Overton's Breathless Blue Dolly super fast track and tree dog. accurate.
Grch Nitech Overton's Utchmans Blue Belle
Nite Ch Overton's Breathless Blue Sabrina 2nd place Nite ch at Fall Round Up 2009
Nite Ch Pr Overton's Breathless Blue Sounder
GRNite Ch Pr Overton's Breathless Blu Magic 13 years old brother to Roler
Pr Overton's Breathless Blue Gobber. Running and treeing wild coons at 5 months

Nite Ch O Breathless Blue Tree Dragon
Treeing his own wild coon at 6 months old.

Dogs living
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Dual Champion Uchtman So Blue Lumber 6yrs
Owned by Cody Stader in Indiana
Dual Grand Overton's Breathless Blue Maggie
Present Owned by Luke Wood in Okalhoma

Dall Haden and Bobby Hayes have been a big part of my breeding of my hounds also Bill Bird for help keeping it going.

*All my dogs are old Ucthman Hawk and Scout breeding with some Smokey River Chief and Diamond Jim.
Kandy off Bojangles and Grand Nite ch PKC CH Redstick Ann. Super fast track dog good tree dog loud. co owner with Earl Howell Queen of Hunt at Fall Round Up 2019 at 2 years old.

Overton"s Breathless Blue Lincoln
Overton"s Breathless Blue Ava.

Posted by Dogwhisper on 11-27-2021 06:00 PM:

It's a blessing when we wake to another day & take it is fragile , handle w/care..

Hope the Doc's figure u out Elmo...

Posted by Black Plott on 11-27-2021 06:47 PM:

Iíve been down with a head cold for three nights now. Itís killing me not going, I cannot imagine 5 years! Praying for you, Mr. Elmo.

Posted by Dave Richards on 11-28-2021 12:19 AM:


Praying for you, hang in there man, I know the feeling of wanting to hunt but not being able to hunt. My hunting partner and myself have had health issues this year. We have hunted less this year than I can ever remember. It's really hard to stay home on those cold clear nights. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by Rex Ridge on 11-29-2021 04:55 AM:

Hope they figure out what's wrong soon. Not knowing what's wrong is tough. I was misdiagnosed for a year, before I went to a neurologist and he dx me with Parkinson's Disease. Hated the dx, but was relieved to find out why I felt like I was falling apart.
I miss taking the dogs out at night, but if my husband could go (he has a torn tendon in his foot); I'd go along and walk a little or stay at the Jeep and try to hear the gigs run. TRY....our hearing isn't good either, if it wasn't for Garmin collars, we'd be done for sure.

Posted by Hogan on 11-29-2021 06:40 AM:

Hope they get your issues figured out elmo! Miss the posts and dog updates!

Lee Hogan 715-213-3732
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High scoring bluetick 2020 NRCA Days
GRWCH GRCH'PR'Hogan's Sadie(HankxJazz)
CCH WCH GRFCH GRCH(3)'PR'Hogan's Naughty (SidxWhiskey)
GRFCH WCH CCH GRNITECH GRCH(4)'Psyco Blu Spyder HTX(SidxWhiskey)
NITECH GRFCH WCH GRCH'PR'Hogan's Willy HTX (LincolnxDiva)
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CCH GRCH'PR'Hogan's Gemba (YodelerxJazz)
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Gone but not forgotten.
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CH'PR'Hogans Dot(LeadxSister)
WCH GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' KG Acres BIG Wally(TimberxSugar)

Posted by Bobby Small on 11-29-2021 10:42 PM:


good to hear from you best of luck getting figured out, and back in the woods

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