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Posted by ronald schultz on 03-04-2021 10:15 PM:

Garmin 100 vs 200

Which is best fir the money?

Posted by gvbear on 03-05-2021 01:18 PM:

Garmin 100 vs 200

I have only had to 200 a short time but I switched because of the training setup features, can almost setup everything to use the buttons on the side instead of the touch screen then a person can lock the screen when in the woods, bigger screen is nice, and you can activate and deactivate dogs with out deleting the dog and adding a new one.

I am using the garmin huntview map still figuring out the layers I want on. I used onx in the alpha 100 but heard you couldn't use it in the new alpha 200 but never checked and validated if it did or not.

Another nice thing is the wifi capabilities, you can update it without having to hook up to a laptop and going through that process.

I have not and probably won't use the inreach setup so have not looked into that really.

Only thing I will mention that might be a negative I do not really see it as one is, seems to take a bit longer to boot up and sync with collars than the alpha 100s I had. Not much but it was noticeable.

Posted by kordog on 03-17-2021 03:24 PM:

had a buddy say the 200 screen was very dim maybe there is a setting where he can change that but that was an issue he had compared to the 100

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Show all 3 posts from this thread on one page

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