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Posted by Rcl on 08-11-2022 01:49 AM:

Young willy male

10 month old willy male pup. This pup has been turned loose 8times the 5th time out he ran and treed with my old dog and went crazy over the coon the last time I took him out was with his litter mate sister he treed a kitten coon and she backed him he is a natural treed dog about a 100 or better on the tree and has a good chop mouth on the tree. Just a nice looking and nice acting pup I have him and his sister and I usually keep a female to hunt and breed later
He's paid up in SS as well birthday 10-5-21
1500.00 I do have a couple pics and videos but if you're serious call first (606 584 6248)
I'm in northern Kentucky area

Posted by Rcl on 08-13-2022 10:38 PM:

Willy pup is still here I've had a few guy's ask why he's for sale. I. Kept 2 out of the litter this male and his sister I usually keep a female for breeding later on there's not one thing wrong with this male pup and if he dosen't sale I'll be hunting him a lot when this weather changes He's seen 3 coons and gets bug eyed over them and is a naturally hard tree dog

Posted by bowling on 08-14-2022 02:50 PM:

Roger is straight up if I was looking for a Willie pup I wouldn’t hesitate he will be as described or better.

Posted by Rcl on 08-16-2022 02:07 PM:

Thanks Herman hope your leg is doing better

Posted by Rcl on 08-18-2022 09:57 PM:

Guys I'll try and answer a few questions ask about this willy pup
No he's not mean not even around the feed bowl
Yes he does have a very good mouth,squall on track with squall locate and tree dog deluxe and he doesn't even really know what he's doing yet
Yes he just started quick and natural
No I haven't singled him out yet he's only been turned loose 8 times over 6-7weeks .A willy pup already treeing his own coon right by themselves start at about 3500.00 and go up from there
If he stays here when hunting season comes in you can bet he'll be singled out then and the price if he's still for sale will reflect that
I hope this helps answer a few questions
1500.00 call anytime
(606 584 6248) Roger Adams

Posted by Rcl on 08-24-2022 03:13 AM:

Tire kickers I reckon

Posted by Rcl on 09-08-2022 03:03 AM:


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