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Posted by Larry Hall on 09-01-2020 02:06 PM:

Bozo, Queen, Lipper, Patch, Lizzy

Gang, I'm not a dog breeder or stud dog promoter. I'm a coon hunter and have been for a couple years. We are going to offer Ranger at public stud if there is any interest. He's a pretty decent coon dog, but not a great score card dog. You want an electrified edge runner who will tree you a hot pop up a mile in, you probably want to pass..

There aren't many bred like him left in the coon hound world any more. Here is an opportunity if you want to go back to the well in the Treeing Walker breed. We took him to town enough to title him and me to remember that I am not much of a comp hunter. Thank goodness a couple of friends helped me out.

Bring your lights and boots and let's go hunting if you have an interest.. Cell phone 260-367-1495, best way to contact me. I don't get on here every day. Regards

Posted by BIG-MAN071 on 09-01-2020 04:30 PM:




Posted by Larry Hall on 09-01-2020 07:31 PM:

He's got four pups on the ground at a year old.. The two that have been hunted started early and are progressing.. The other two have not been hunted yet..

$300 stud fee and I will SS the litter or pay him up.. It will be done either way.. I don't see any value in the performance program in UKC, so won't pay that up..

Thanks for asking.

Posted by BIG-MAN071 on 09-08-2020 02:18 PM:



Posted by Larry Hall on 09-30-2020 02:01 PM:

Thanks for all the interest!!

Posted by John Vanover on 10-12-2020 11:54 PM:

He is a fine looking Hound. Bred great!

Posted by Larry Hall on 10-21-2020 01:47 PM:

Thanks John!!

Posted by Larry Hall on 10-30-2020 01:53 PM:

Gang, we have four females booked for breeding over the next couple of weeks. A bluetick bitch for a crossbred litter and three pretty strong walker females..

I'll list them and info about them after breeding for pup info... Thanks for all the interest!!!

Posted by Larry Hall on 11-19-2020 01:52 PM:


we have bred four females in the last month to Ranger.

1. Solid Blue tick female that goes back to Mackie Manns stuff
2. Heavy Clover bred female
3. Grand daughter of Jamison's Stylish Fly and a Clover male
4. Platinum Ch Witch owned by Randy Gadd

Have a Grand Nite Ch female that goes back to Patch and Trackman. Top notch bitch we got from Mark Nix out of LA will be bred in March

Everything we have bred so far is a coon dog..

Couple more coming..

Posted by Darren barkman on 11-20-2020 02:02 AM:


Canít see his ped can u write it out or blow up the picture thanks Darren

Posted by Larry Hall on 11-20-2020 02:40 PM:

Here is a blown up version of his pedigree.. He's a direct son of Hardwood Patch off a direct daughter of Lipper.. Not many like him left out there.. click on the pick if you need to make it larger.

Posted by Larry Hall on 12-17-2020 01:55 PM:

We have four litters of pups percolating out of Ranger at the current time..

Three Walker bitches and one blue tick for an Xbred litter.

Two Clover bred bitches, a platinum Ch Bushwacker bitch and the Blue dog goes back to Mackie Mann's stuff from a while ago..

Appreciate all the interest.

Posted by Donnie Stevens on 01-03-2021 07:55 PM:

Larry if this world ever gets back to normal and borders opened back up I've got a female here I'd sure like to back up to him.

Friends don't let friends hunt blueticks

Posted by Larry Hall on 01-05-2021 02:30 PM:

Donnie, you are welcome any time.. I don't get on here alot, so apologize for the late reply.

Have a fair amount of interest in him.. Couple more good females coming in the next couple of months..

Posted by mac attack on 01-12-2021 06:22 PM:

Wow, really nice pedigree on him. It is good to see that you are getting him bred some.

Austin McCully
Pr Mcculley's tTree-Hugging Louie
Kler cry's Larry x Indiana Hannah (linebred deventer breeding)

NiteCh McCulley's Tree_Hugging Murphy(Coma/Coma)
Reedsville, Wi

Posted by Larry Hall on 01-15-2021 02:29 PM:

Thank you Mac Attack.. We have several pups on the ground now. Hoping we have some nice young dogs in the fall.. Have a very nice Grand Nite Ch female coming to him in March and another top female shortly after that..

Posted by Larry Hall on 01-27-2021 10:23 PM:

Thanks for all the interest. I added my cell phone number to the original Ad. That is the best way to contact me. I don't get on here every day.

Larry Hall

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