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Posted by SammieK on 06-11-2013 07:19 PM:

Breed recommendations needed

Hi All,
I currently show an American Cocker Spaniel but would like to change to another breed.... I have owned & loved in the past a Great Dane, German Shepard, German Short Haired Pointer, and a Newfoundland. I would like to stick with the larger breeds and a breed that would be good at conformation, obedience and other performance events.....
What would any of you recommend and why?

Samantha Kirberger, LPN, BSBA/M
Dark Paws Cockers, LLc.
'Veni Vidi Vici....I came, I saw, I Conquered'

Posted by vicka0515 on 06-16-2013 10:00 PM:

I am so new to the show world that my vote probably won't count, but here goes...

Don't underestimate the Standard Poodle!

Although the big "Frou-Frou" show clips are based on the old traditional field cuts, in UKC they can be shown in the Sporting cut, which is MUCH easier to handle and maintain! LOL

They are intelligent, thinking, athletic dogs. Eager to learn, eager to please, eager to work and play.

Many Poodles have earned Total Dog status.

They excel in Obedience, Rally, Agility and, of course, Conformation.

They are also re-establishing a name for their breed in field and retrieving trials. I know a few hunter/trainers that swore by Labs as the "only" breed, but had their minds opened by great field work by Standard Poodles.

Lure-coursing is not beyond their scope of ability. They can sight and scent track!

They are wonderful at Search and Rescue and as Therapy dogs. They are gentle and empathetic to those in need. Mine have proven that to me many times since my husband's recent passing.

They are natural clowns and love to make me laugh.

All of these reasons brought Standard Poodles into my life and I hope, although I'm just getting started, to show people what wonderful creatures these are!

Good luck in your search!


BluOaks Standard Poodles

CK's Sterling Celebration "Libby" White & Silverfemale
UKC CH CK's Dance Until Dawn "Dani" Silver & White female
UKC CH BluOak's Epic Pyjama Parti of Linlee "PJ" Red & White male
Linlee's Taka of BluOaks"Taka" Black Abstract female
BluOaks Hallelujah Let's Parti of Cerberus "Halle" Red Abstract female
BluOaks Parti On Izabelle "Izzie" Blue & White female

Posted by vicka0515 on 06-16-2013 10:13 PM:

Forgot to mention...

If you want a little "Flash" thrown in, go with Parti Color Poodles!

The original poodles were partis, but fell from favor when the solids appeared. Even though Partis were culled for decades they still appear in solid bloodlines from time to time.

Partis are not allowed in the Confo ring in AKC, BUT they will take your money to register them and they are allowed in all other events. Thank goodness for UKC! They have the Multicolor Poodle division.

Those of us in the Parti Poodle world hope that in time the PCA will rethink this and allow them back in the Conformation ring. Probably won't happen until the "old guard" is out and younger more open-minded people are in control.

BluOaks Standard Poodles

CK's Sterling Celebration "Libby" White & Silverfemale
UKC CH CK's Dance Until Dawn "Dani" Silver & White female
UKC CH BluOak's Epic Pyjama Parti of Linlee "PJ" Red & White male
Linlee's Taka of BluOaks"Taka" Black Abstract female
BluOaks Hallelujah Let's Parti of Cerberus "Halle" Red Abstract female
BluOaks Parti On Izabelle "Izzie" Blue & White female

Posted by LaBrook on 06-20-2013 03:50 AM:

Labrador retrievers! Get the right bloodlines, go with a breeder who breeds for more then just looks and you will find Labs that CAN do it all! Conformation, obedience/rally, agility, therapy, tracking, hunt test, weight pull....list goes and goes. Great family dogs, eager to please you, intelligent. Been a Lab lover forever, won't ever be without a Lab by my side! Labs come in 3 colors: black, chocolate (from light to dark) and yellow (yellows range from a lighter cream to a dark reddish shade known as "fox red"). Don't pay more for any variation of a color. No silvers, charcoal or champagne- not recognized by the parent club due to questionable breeding when they first popped up.

Also have Chows (2), and people underestimate allot! They are great family dogs, very willing to please, can be bull headed but my experience has been great w/ positive reinforcement, very easy community to work with, can do obedience, therapy, conformation, rally. Just limited when it comes to agility or demanding physical sports due to the muzzle. They come in 5 colors (cream being the hardest to show b/c their pigment can fade from black to liver and that then becomes a fault) and they come in 2 coat types: rough and smooth.

Which ever breed chosen, it comes down to finding the right breeder; one who breeds traits you desire. So many get caught up in looks that they forget about the dogs function & drive (or simply don't care).

Good luck in your decision.

Gotta love my water dogs!

Posted by DoberTwink on 07-05-2013 07:53 PM:

A Doberman of course! Loyal, loving, companions who make exceptional performance and working dogs! Not to mention they are regal and elegant while being muscular and powerful! And just to throw this out there....our most recent history making Doberman, Fifi, has a registered name of Protocol's Veni Vedi Vici :P It must be fate LOL

Good luck in your search for your new friend of a lifetime!!

Meejin Pike
Firefly Dobermans

CA, UAGI, URO1, USJCH, UGrCH, Am CH, UDC CH, Int'l/Nat'l CH Fayek Pitch Black V Firefly CGC, RA, BN, CA, MX, MXJ, NF, DJ, RATI, RATN, VCX, RL1, RL2, RL3, ATD, ROM, CHIC, Multi TD Qualifier "Kyra"
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BISS, UGrCH Tiburon Goblin Moon (AKC Major Ptd) "Goblin"

Posted by 4blues on 08-29-2013 01:45 AM:

Toller or Border Collie

Burnie is a Toller who is in the Top 10 (Diablo Rojo). We call him the wonder dog. He has success in everything he tries-Hunting, conformation, obedience, rally, weight pull, dock diving, lure coursing, etc. This isn't my breed, but only because I am friends with Burnie's human, and I know that I could never get a dog who could compete with him.

My choice is the Border Collie. I currently have a rescue and a show prospect. The rescue is a Grand Champion weight puller! Obedience, rally, and agility have also been good for her. She had no interest in dock diving and lure coursing and I have no interest in herding competition.

Posted by OceaniaHamilton on 11-07-2013 05:38 PM:


If you like big, flashy and rare then Hamiltonstovare are for you. The down side is obtaining one but they are generally very healthy. The Swedish-bred ones have been health tested and have access to online database for health issues since the 1960's. You would have to import from Sweden or Norway but an import can be arranged in under 6 months as Sweden and Norway always have puppies available to good homes. I also know of a fantastic breeder in the UK who is willing to import to a show home, she is taking reservations now for a litter that will be sired by the sire of my male (Kilcavan Just William WW08).

My Hamiltonstovare are great in conformation and really are eye catching. Hardly any grooming required and do not have the high energy issue that some of the other bigger scent hounds can have. My guys are ready for anything.

My female loves lure coursing and my male took to weight pulling with no training at all. They are highly food motivated and easily trainable. Both my guys have their CGC and are trained service dogs to help with my balance and mobility issues. I am working toward a super dog title with my male. I call them the best kept secret in scent hounds.

Oceania Hamiltonstovare
Home of:
AKC BIS/UKC BIS BIMS Multi RBIMS Ch. Kilcavan Alice's Adventures CGC CGCA CM Ptn'd (UK 2009 Top Puppy Hamiltonstovare)
America's first Hamiltonstovare to be shown, also the first ever to be AKC FSS registered and first ever AKC titled
#1 Hamiltonstovare 2012, 2014

Multi RBIMS Multi Total Dog UWP CH Kilcavan Captain Flint CGC CM Pnt'd (Crufts qualifier 2012 & 2013)
#1 Hamiltonstovare 2013

CH Oceania Wit Beyond Measure

Oceania Use Any Means

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier:
UFR Oceania Lucky Penny

Posted by symetri on 02-21-2014 08:00 PM:

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Ridgeback is a large breed, short coated, easy keepers. Muscular, agile, versatile. RRs excel in conformation, agility, lure coursing, and with the proper training, obedience. They are a hound so a bit of a challenge if you are not used to the sensitivity and stubbornness, but you cannot find a more willing or loyal breed anywhere.

Eileen M. Bailey
Symetri Ridgebacks, reg.
Breeding quality with integrity since 1987

BIMBS U-GrCh, Am/Can CH Symetri Easy On The Heart, JC, BN, CGC, TT, HIC
BIMBS U-GrCh, CH Symetri's Code Red, CGC, TT, HIC
BIMBS U-Ch Symetri's Magnetic Moment, JC

BIMBS U-GrCh, GCH Symetri Vikela Mischief Manged, JC, HIC (AKC Top 10)
(BIMBS winner of the 2009 TX Classic)

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