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Posted by 1Alockridge on 10-29-2019 02:41 AM:

Whitaker's Smokey line

I'm looking for some info on the Whitaker's Smokey line of black and tans. What kind of traits do they carry? Speed, nose etc.

Posted by Southbranch on 10-29-2019 05:08 PM:

My buddy and I had the privilege to spectate with Tim and his Smokey 2 Spot dog at Black and Tan days many years ago. The cast was filled with big named and highly advertised dogs. When Tim unloaded Spot, we realized he only had 3 legs. His back leg had been removed from being hit by a train. Smokey 2, or Spot, went on to put on the most impressive coon treeing performance, that we, (my buddy and I), have ever witnessed to this day. We are very grateful that we were able to experience that night's hunt with Tim and Spot. I don't have any dogs out of that line, or any ties, or reasoning to say these words, other than I was truly impressed by the dog and owner that night. I can say I certainly wouldn't hesitate to own or buy one from that line of dogs though. That is for sure. That night Spot was extremely fast, extremely accurate, and was treeing coons that other dogs didn't even know were around, and did it many times. I rarely ever post on here, but I do feel that I should give credit, where credit is due, and in my opinion this credit is certainly due. As I said before, I am very grateful to have experienced that evening. A huge thanks to Tim and Spot.

Posted by Gary Hazel on 11-01-2019 03:53 PM:

Whitaker Smokey i

I have hunted with two different males from Smokey III. They were good track dogs hard going with a lot of heart. Really go tree dogs and have there coon each time.

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Posted by Only BLK&TANS on 11-07-2019 03:24 AM:

Re: Whitaker's Smokey line

Originally posted by 1Alockridge
I'm looking for some info on the Whitaker's Smokey line of black and tans. What kind of traits do they carry? Speed, nose etc.

I am feeding a Direct pup off Smokey III. Have been for 10 years. Give me a call or p.m. your number and we can go over it all. I am looking to get some pups on the ground out of him.

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Posted by JOE H BROOKS on 11-10-2019 07:50 AM:

Smokey III

I raised Smokey III, at 8 weeks of age, he'd sit on his butt, and chop steady on an old coon hide. I had two females out of Smokey II and GRN NITE CH Super Rockin Abbey, both were up on the wood every breath tree dogs, i lost the first one to the road at 10 months of age, and i felt like quitting the very best of any breed at that age. I bought a female, out of the first cross , she had never been hunted at 14 months of age, all i did, was show her a coon, climbing a tree, the first pup was out of the 2nd cross, i bought her first at 8 weeks of age. I don't take pups hunting until they are 9 or 10 months old, but she was raiseing hell one night, she was 4 months old. The season was in, i took an older female and her, the older female treed a coon, she followed me in to the tree, i shot it out, Queen Bess, jumped on it like an old dog, grabbed it, shuke it, i put it up a tree, she raised up there, and hammered on it, she treed every breath, and was loud. I also had the last pup, out of Smokey II, his mother was Sugar Bear, she was a younger sister to Abbey, i named him Sam, he started treeing at 11 months of age, he might have started, sooner, but i had broke a bone in my foot. They are all gone now, but not forgotten, they were, not cold nosed dogs, but real clean, about running trash, and started easy, i never got any pups out of Sam or the two females. Sugar Bear was sold to Mitch Fouler, i heard she died later, i really liked her she was more pet than coon dog, she was real smart, and she was the first female bred to Smokey III. But the whole litter had too much go, they'd tree, but they did not come back, i had to track them down.


Posted by jdgher on 11-23-2019 03:32 PM:

Whitakers Smokey dogs

Back in the 80's I hunted with the original Whitaker's Black Smokey several times. He was all business, a coon treeing machine.
In the late 90's I kept seeing where Tim and Spot were winning all over the country running the Purina race. I had a real good Red male at the time, so I contacted Tim for a pleasure hunt, wanted to see how Red measured up. Spot beat us strike and tree on 4 out of 5 coon . Spot was quick on both ends, real quick and had the meat. I remember driving home, thinking with all the winning Spot had done and what I had just witnessed, he was probably the best dog I'd ever been to the woods with.
In the past 30 years I've guided, judged or drawn out with several of the best of all breeds. Whitaker's Black Smokey and Smokey II (Spot) are a couple of the very best I've been in the woods with.

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Posted by honalieh on 06-02-2021 05:42 AM:



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