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Posted by Redwood Hounds on 05-26-2021 12:54 AM:

WANTED: 1 to 2 year old male - will need hauled

Looking for a 1 to 2 year old male dog. Something that hasn't been messed with much (not on a bunch of cages or hang ups) I don't want something that's been spoiled. Nothing that sits and barks all day in the yard. Nothing mean or growly, at home, box, over food, game, NOTHING, not a mean or jealous hair on them. If you have hunted the dog and know it slicks or babbles, please do not try to sell it to me. I plan to use this dog for big game, so as long as it's not a complete cull I don't care how little it's been worked. Must be willing to help me get the dog with a hauler, coming clear out to Northern California. I am looking for my next stud dog prospect.

Pedigrees that include anything Bozo, Lone Pine, Coma, Patch, Clover, Wipeout are all highly preferred. Some House and Lipper ok. Do not want a bunch of Sacket, Rat or Harry. Nothing Insane or Nailor breeding (if any very little 1/8th or less).

Big Bawl mouth preferred.
Good Feet a MUST. Nothing huge. 50-65lbs range.
Something from cold nose, tough, accurate dogs, would be great.
I am willing to buy the right dog from the right honest person. Not looking to spend $5k for a "competition" type dog. Meat dog.

You can text me at 53O-788-4O71

Cassandra Davis
UKC Bench Show Judge & Master of Hounds


NITECH CGRCH FCH GRCH 'PR' Redwood's All Night Aspen
(2014 #1 UKC Top Ten All-Breed Treeing Walker)

Posted by Heinz57kennels on 05-27-2021 04:15 PM:

walkers that donít slick and babble hmm

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