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Posted by patches9452 on 12-16-2019 02:53 PM:

7 month old pups

Pink floyd x Wilson's blue Bell pups. 4 females have run loose and saw one caged coon and looked good on it. Paid up performance $400.00. 662 341 2375

Posted by KoonKrossin on 12-16-2019 04:59 PM:

What's bell bred like

Posted by Darren Hollis on 12-16-2019 09:18 PM:


Bell is GrNtChGrCh Wilsons Blue Emma's mother.
Dual Grand McKinneys All Blue Sparky - Sparetime Spanky bred.


GrChGrNtCh PR Southern Blue S&Hís Goose (Sparks&Hollis)
GrChGrNtCh PR Southern Blue Hardwood Cotton
GrNtCh PR Mose's Pink Floyd ( Co-Owned with Scott V)
GrChGrNtCh PR Lovellís Smokey River Blue Ann
ChNtCh PR Southern Blue Hardwood Dolly
ChGrNtCh PR Southern Blue Spanky ( Hollis & Hollis)
PR Southern Blue Drifter (Goose x NtChch Dolly)
PR Southern Blue Jessie (Goose x Dual Grand Cotton)
GrNtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Moonshine
GrNtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Frostbite
NtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Queen
NtChGrCh PR Blue Eyes Blue Jessie
NtCh PR Southern Frost Hollow Blue Bell(BB)
NtCh PR Southern Blue Hammer
NtCh PR Hollis' Southern Blue Maggie
NtCh PR Hollis' Bull Mtn. Pearl
GrCh PR Southern Blue Jet
PR Southern Blue Sam
PR Southern Blue Rattler

Posted by patches9452 on 12-17-2019 01:31 AM:

I'm not real sure how bell is bred. She has almost no titled dogs in her pedigree but it hasnt stopped her from throwing coon dogs from different studs. She's standing at either 9 or 10 I think on the current reproducers list

Posted by jday on 01-02-2021 08:01 AM:

Wilson's Blue Bell

There is no all blue Sparky or spanky blood in her at all! She's is on her sire side Smokey river diamond Jim 18 times in his 7gen Old Vaughan's Old mohawk breeding Hammer breeding And on her Dame side line bread bred get 4 and jet 5 ! I know she was born here at my house in maine!!! I have both sire and dame 7 gen. Pappers

CH'PR'TOM DAY'S RED HOT CODY(Three best shows in a row and did it at the ripe old age of 11yrs old!)
NITECH GRCH.PR' Virginia Junk Yard Chopper

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