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Posted by Chad J Smith on 12-18-2018 02:10 PM:

2019 Rules Change Proposals

2019 is a year where as we vote on rule changes. If you are a member of our association you have a voice. Please send written proposals to me if you have something you would like to see change. Below is Allen' s sticky regarding the proposals and my address. Thanks.

UKC Rules Change Proposal Information
In 2019, UKC will consider rule change proposals as they apply to Nite Hunts, Bench Shows, Field Trials, and Water Races. Experienced participants are encouraged to get involved in this process, if they have a proposal they would like to see considered. The only other requirement is that the individual is a member of one of the seven UKC Chartered Breed Associations. All proposals must be submitted, in writing, directly to the association the sender is a member of. Mailing info for each of the seven UKC Chartered Breed Associationís is provided below.

Before mailing in a proposal, here are several things to consider first.
 The integrity of championship degrees that are issued to winning dogs.
 What influence might it have when it comes to breeding for better coonhounds?
 The negative trend many are facing with losing more and more hunting grounds.
 Have I considered the overall best interest of the sport as opposed to personal preferences?
 The future of the sport in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.

Additionally, it is imperative that your proposal is clearly written, understandable, and requires little to no editing. Secondly, make sure to include a brief synopsis of why you think your proposal is a good change or addition to the current rules.

The deadline to have your proposal received by the breed association is March 1, 2019. Do not send them to UKC. Proposals received after that date may not be considered. Any proposal they submit to UKC to go on the ballot, is the decision of each association. Once received by UKC, all proposals will be compiled on one ballot to be mailed out to each association for discussion purposes with their membership.

An official vote will take place at the 2019 Autumn Oaks where each association will vote on each item on the ballot. It takes a majority vote to pass any proposal. Any proposal that is passed will go in effect on January 1, 2020.

American Black & Tan Association
Chad Smith
209 Pennington Road
Halls, TN 38040

Posted by Allen / UKC on 01-15-2019 07:52 PM:

Here's your opportunity to get involved folks. I hope you take advantage of it, if you have a good one to propose.

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