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Posted by Misty river on 08-02-2014 10:08 PM:


Mr. Todd, thank you for posting up. Good to hear from you. Yes I have heard about Lee Roy and he and Skeeter are litter mates. I do not know the guys that own him, but I have heard that he is a powerful hound and knowing his two sisters Ruby and Skeeter and how they are I'm sure he is. I know he would help anyones breeding program. If you have their phone number and would PM it to me I would sure appreciate it. I would like to talk to them about maybe breeding one of my females sometime. Thanks for the information Mr. Todd, Maybe I'll get to meet you and shake your hand someday.---------Good huntin

Posted by steve bankston on 08-03-2014 02:05 PM:


Check the sights on that rifle MR. Jack. After that night I missed more than I should have I checked my laser sight on my rifle next day and it was off some. Bumping around on these 4-wheelers and beating down the thick briars with them will get them off time to time. I know you wanted Tramp to have that coon and sounds like he sure deserved it. That's the way it works out sometime though. That coon will give you a good race next time and be harder to tree because he knows his luck won't be so good next time Tramp puts him up a tree! Take Care and Good Hunting!

Where hounds are more than just dogs, they are a part of the FAMILY.

Posted by steve bankston on 08-03-2014 02:31 PM:

ZEB and Skeeter pups

MR. Jack do you know if Jeremy has booked all his pups that are about due to get here? If not I'm going to call him today and have him put me down for a male. These should make some sure enough gitty up and go find him type hounds. Also that Sheba gyp on bottom side of Skeeters pedigree, is that the one I had as a pup out of Sparetime Spanky? I had one out of Spanky and either my Bonnie or her sister Glenda that Mr. Frank owned. She was a natural from the start with a heck of a mouth on her and I think you ended up with her after I sold her to Mr. Frank as I was going through a divorce. Always regretted letting go of that gyp.

Where hounds are more than just dogs, they are a part of the FAMILY.

Posted by Misty river on 08-03-2014 03:51 PM:


Go ahead and give Jeremy a call. I'm sure he will have a pup for you. I remember the female that you were talking about and I really liked her. She was out of Spare time Spanky and Mr. Frank Erwins Glenda 11. She died in my pen from a heart attack. I was waiting for her to come in season I was going to breed her to Mr. Warren Haslour's Smokey River jbs Chief. I bought a litter mate sister to her from Mr. Frank and she was a nice female and she got killed on the road. The Sheba female that's in Skeeter's ped. is a female that I bought as a pup from Mr. Warren Haslouer. She was out of Smokey River Dancer and Smokey River June, (Tramps sister) I later sold her back to Mr. Warren.

Posted by steve bankston on 08-03-2014 05:00 PM:


Thanks MR. Jack. MR. Frank and I had went in on halves when we bred his Glenda gyp to Spanky and Sheba was my pup pick. I raised her up in the Chatawa swamps along the Tangiphoa river. First coon she treed at 7 months old. I had her along on a hunt but had her on the lead and the older hound was working a track out in front of us about a 100yds along our side of the river but wasn't getting anywhere with it. Sheba kept pulling wanting to go so I cut her loose. She didn't open until after she swam the river then she moved that track on out of there like a pro and slammed a tree about 400yds away. I had trouble finding away across but finally did and made it to her and she never let up that screaming bawling treeing. When she treed it sounded like you were beating her to death. She had a big ole boar coon up a big popular tree that I shot out to her and she went on after that night like she had been treeing for years. when I heard you had got her I knew she had probably found a home for life as she was a good exciting gyp to hunt. Wish I had a pen full of her kind. Thanks again!

Where hounds are more than just dogs, they are a part of the FAMILY.

Posted by Misty river on 08-03-2014 11:33 PM:

Doll 1V and Gin

I took These two out last nite. 1st drop Doll struck a good track pretty quick, Gin was right with her and opening good on track. They didn't go far before Doll Locked up treed. I got in close to them where I could watch Gin, when I got close Gin was smelling around the roots of the big oak and then she smelled up on the tree just as high as she could reach and went to treeing I've been watching her and she is doing better everytime I take her out. I found the coon, but we left him to run again. We left there and went down to the swamp next to the river. I turned them loose and they soon had another good track going Gin was opening good on track and really helping Doll push the track. They were headed into about a 20 acre cutover. They had gotten about 75 yrds into the cutover and Gin let out a loud squall and went to treeing hard. I said to myself Man look at this Doll hit the tree a couple of times with her and moved on. I guess it was a tapped tree, but I was proud of herShe treed there for several minutes and finally pulled and caught up with Doll. I knew it was hot and doll was really pushing in that cut over and she is completely out of shape and too fat. I had went around to the middle of the cutover to a clearing where I have a deer plot. I was watching Doll when she came into the clearing. She was so hot she was wobbling and about to fall. I ran and caught her and by that time Gin was there,but she was alright. I carried Doll back to the 4-wheeler and loaded them up and headed for a branch where I could get Doll cooled off. They were both ok in a little while so I loaded them back up and we came in. enough excitement for one night.
Gin's pedigree.

---------------Gr.Ch.Gr.Nite Ch. "PR" Smokey River Jeans Blue Tramp
----------Gr.NiteCh.Gr.Ch. "PR" Smokey River Tramps Blue Lake
---------------Gr.Ch.Gr.Nite Ch. "PR" Misty River Blue Doll
-----Gr.Ch.NiteCh. "PR" Hillbillys Smokey River Dutch HTX
---------------Gr.Nite Ch. "PR" Smokey River Cheifs Joe
----------"PR" Misty River Blue Doll 111
---------------Gr.Ch.Gr.Nite Ch. "PR" Misty River Blue Doll 11
"PR" Misty River Blue Gin
---------------Fch Gr.Nite Ch.Gr.Ch."PR" Vining Runnin Bullet
----------Gr.Ch.Gr.Nite Ch."PR" Twin Springs Runnin Bullet 11
---------------Gr.Nite Ch. "PR" Smokey River Jeans Blue June
-----Gr.Nite Ch.Gr.Ch."PR" Vinings Hammer Head
---------------Gr.Nite Ch."PR" Mc Donalds Hat Creek Phydeaux
----------Gr.Nite Ch.Gr.Ch."PR"Vinning Blue Mollie
---------------Nite Ch.Gr.Ch."PR"Bayou Blue Mollie
Dutch is owned by Mr. Bill Goode From West Virginia
Hammer Head is owned by Mr. Scott VH from Wisconsin

Posted by Misty river on 08-05-2014 06:57 AM:

Doll 1V and Gin

We got a late start tonight, it sure was hot. 1st drop they went in a short distance and Gin struck with Doll right behind her. It was a good track and they really pushed it fo about 500 yrds. and I heard Doll locate and and lock up treed. I listened for probably 10 seconds and Gin treed with her. I went to them and they were treed up a huge Oak that was a den tree. It had three large holes in it that I could see. One about 8' up, another about 15' up and another about 25' up. I shined and squaled for awhile but never saw anything. I was wanting to get a coon out to Gin, but it didn't happen there. I leashed the dogs up and we walked back to the 4-wheeler and moved on up the swamp. Doll had done got real hot. I don't think she had gotten over Saturday night, so I just turned Gin loose to see what she would do. I turned her loose and she hung around the 4-wheeler for a little bit and then she would go off from 50 to 100 yrds and circle and come back, of course it probably didn't help her hunting with Doll there on the 4-wheeler. She went out a couple of times and never barked, so we loaded up and called it a night

Posted by HILLBILLYS BLU on 08-05-2014 02:07 PM:

Sounds like things are starting to click ol' buddy!! I hope all works out, and all the dogs make you proud.

Bill Goode (304) 532-0868

Posted by Misty river on 08-06-2014 07:56 PM:


I hunted Tramp alone again last night. 1st drop he went in about 150 yrds. and struck a pretty good track and moved it in about another 200 yrds and treed. I made my way in to him and he was treed up a big cypress. I took a couple of pictures. They should be pretty good pictures with all the mud and water he was in. I looked for the coon for a little while and finally got him to look at me. He was up close to the top. I wanted to get him out on Tramp, but with my eye sight and I don't remember the last time I sighted my rifle in. I been saying everyday that I was going to sight it in but I don't never think about it until I get to the woods. Any way he's still there to run again. I leashed tramp and we moved on down the swamp. Man was it hot last night. 2nd drop Tramp went in about 200 yrds and struck a cold track. He worked it for a while moving it deeper in. This is a pretty rough swamp to hunt in The water and mud is anywhere from ankle deep to over your boots. Tramp was in pretty deep when he hushed and a few minutes later I heard him and he was in about 600 yrds. He trailed in a little farther and treed. I rode around on the 4-wheeler and got to about 200 yrds of hin and walked to him. He was treed up another cypress. when I squalled he looked at me with both eyes from up near the top. I shot at him a few times and then he quit looking. Oh well another one to run again. I Leashed Tramp and I wouldn't have been surprised if he would have bit me. He does his job and I don't do mine. We came out and called it a night.

Posted by nationwide on 08-07-2014 12:03 AM:

New gun

I got a good rifle for sale lol!!!

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Dual grand misty river blue skeeter
chntch dry creek ruby
pr'misty river blue penny again

Posted by Misty river on 08-07-2014 01:17 AM:


let me check out the sights on my rifle before I go buy a new one. Its almost time to go hunting and I still hadn't checked it out and I ain't completely sure its all the rifles fault.

Posted by ClaytonDaniels on 08-07-2014 04:38 AM:


I'm making you this offer before Tramp just lays down on you. Your welcome to go get my rifle. You may have to trade that rifle for a full choke and buckshot. Poor Tramp good thing he's not living off coon meat.: )

Clayton Daniels
Greens Creek Kennel

Posted by Misty river on 08-07-2014 07:23 PM:

Doll V

I went up and got Clayton's Doll V female last night. Claton has been working quite a bit and Doll has just been sitting in the pen getting fat. First two drops she went hunting and came back, not a bark. 3rd drop she went in and struck a pretty good track, moved it in about another 100 yrds and treedI went to her and she was treed up a large oak with several vines in itI couldn't find the coon at first, but after shaking the vines a few times I finally found him. I still hadn't sighted my rifle in, so I didn't even try to shoot him out. I leashed doll and we went back to the 4-wheeler. We were going to head on up the swamp, but about the time we got to the 4-wheeler it started thundering and lightening and raining. I didn't mind the rain because I was all ready ringing wet with sweat, but that lightening drove us to the house. It was still raining when I went to bed. Doll V and my Tramp 11 dog are litter mates. Good Hunting

Posted by Craig Edwards on 08-07-2014 10:46 PM:

Jack, hope things are going good for you. I didn't know if you had seen this picture or not, but as far as I know this is one of two pictures in existence of "Smokey River Blue Spud," Tramp's sire. I have a picture of him treeing and this picture that was taken when Moby Dick was a minnow, and I had hair. Didn't know if you had seen it or not, so thought I would share. Take care!!!!

Phone (336) 648-3210

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Posted by Misty river on 08-08-2014 04:49 AM:

Mr. Edwards, thank you for posting up. I remember seeing a picture or two of Spud through the years. This may be the picture that I saw, maybe in one of your articles in the Blue Book or something. Ole Tramp sure looked a lot like his dad. Thank you for shareing the picture Mr. Edwards. If you ever make a copy of it I sure would love to have one. Thanks again and good hunting.

Posted by Craig Edwards on 08-08-2014 05:32 AM:

I would be happy to get a copy made and send it to you. What size would you like? Let me know and it would be my pleasure.

Phone (336) 648-3210

Home of Mayberry Blueticks
Jhn. 3:30, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Posted by Misty river on 08-08-2014 06:08 AM:

Mr. Edward, I just need a picture for my photo album. I don't really know what size. I measured one in the album and it was 4x5, but anything around that size will be fine. I don't have a picture of Spud and I thank you for sending me one. Take care Mr Edwards and good hunting.

Posted by Misty river on 08-09-2014 08:09 AM:


1st drop, I turned tramp in on an ole sloughHe went in a couple hundred yrds and struck an old cold track. he worked it down the slough about 300 yrds and crossed the woods road that I was on and worked it intosome planted 20 yr old pines. It had grown up in there with hedge bushes, briars and some kind of small trees that I had never seen before, but they had long limbs that grew from the ground to the top. Tramp worked the track in there pretty deep and finally just give it up and came out. Iturned him back in on the slough. He went in about 100 yrds and just treed. I walked in to him and he was treed up a large oak. I searched for a while and finally found him up near the top. We went back to the 4-wheeler and went around to another part of the swamp that I had never hunted in before. I turned Tramp down a hollow that looked good. He went in about 300 yrds and struck a real cold track and started working it. He worked the track in on an old slough that looked like it could have been full of snakes and alligators, but I didn't see any. He worked the trackprobably 5 to 6oo yrds down the slough. He finally gave it up and came out. I loaded him up and we came back to the house. I loaded him back on the 4-wheeler and we went to the river. He went in a couple hundred yrds and struck a good track, ran it in another 200 yrds and treed. I went to him. he was treed up one tree that had three more growing there with it and they were covered in vines. I had treed in these trees before, but last time I had a friend with me to shake a vine and we finally saw the coon. This time I didn't have anyone to shake a vine and I didn't see the coon. Me and Tramp went back to the 4-wheeler and called it a night.

Posted by Craig Edwards on 08-09-2014 04:22 PM:

I not only enjoy reading your posts, but I actually look forward to it. I love your honesty and openess. Just as boys will be boys....dogs will be dogs. haha!!
Does your Tramp dog have the big mouth that Old Tramp had??? Just about everyone who hunted with Tramp, when I owned him, always commented on his mouth.
I went hunting last night, and when I got back, my dog got away from me, went down the creek behind my house. He struck, ran and treed right in the back yard of my neighbor!! It was 1:30 AM!! I don't know if he had the coon or not. I just got him,, and got out of there, thankful, neither one of us were shot!!! LOL!!!!

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Jhn. 3:30, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Posted by Rolin Blues on 08-09-2014 05:38 PM:

I agree, Craig

Glad to see your stories about your hunts, Jack. I still don't know how you guys can hunt down south in the summer with the swamps, snakes, gators & bugs. I'll never forget my buddy John not leaving the truck to hunt when we came down in the 90's with DOT. After seeing that snake skin hanging from your trophy, he had NO plans of leaving the tailgate. I haven't seen you mention much about seeing/killing any on here! Take care, Ron.

Posted by Scott VH on 08-09-2014 06:23 PM:

Mr. Smith

Hope things are going well it looks as though you are getting some hunting in. Glad to here you are getting Gin to the woods sounds like she is starting to progress. I am just starting to work on weaning Hammerheads litter now. She has 6 nice pups that we have high hopes for. Going to keep 3 here for awhile and see how it goes with them. Good hunting to you and your dogs.


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GrNiteCh. Uncle Pen

Posted by Misty river on 08-09-2014 11:09 PM:


Good to hear from you, its been a long time. I guess you just have to get use to the varments and critters that you have in the part of the country that we live in. I haven't seen a lot of snakes this year. Me and a friend of mines been clearing out some cutover and making my deer plot a little bigger and we killed 3 pretty good size rattlers in there. I don't know why I haven't been snake bit in all my years of hunting. I've had a few dogs bitten, but I've never lost one from a snake bit. I guess the lord has just watched over me. We have got a lot of wild hogs now and I think that they are one of the reasons for the decline of our snake population. That and the increase in our Alligator population. We have got a lot of them now. I've never lost a dog to one, but I know it could happen any night. Ron I'm glad you enjoy reading about my hunts. Take care of your self and good hunting.----------Jack

Posted by Misty river on 08-09-2014 11:27 PM:

Scott VH

Good to hear from you. Yes Gin is doing good. I don't think that I have ever seen a young dog that tries any harder to please in everything she does. She hasn't been fooled with much so everything she does is just natural ability. I'm sure the pups you have there off Logan and Hammerhead will be the sameway. Scott I wish you the best with your dogs and breeding program. I will sure be pulling for you and Creek at Autumn Oaks. Good Hunting---------Jack

Posted by Misty river on 08-15-2014 02:24 AM:

Tramp and Doll V

I went up and got Doll V Monday nite while Clayton was @ work. I took her and Tramp for a short run. I turned them loose in Pearl River Swamp and they went in about 350 yrds and struck a feed track. They moved it in and along the river for another 400 yrds and treed. They really sounded good togeather. I walked in to them and they were treed up a pretty good sized oak about 20 yrds from the river bank. I shined the tree for a little while, but I never could get him to look. The tree had some vines in it, but they were up higher than I could reach and went into some more trees out toward the river bank. It was real hot that nite and the dogs had been treeing hard for about 45 minutes so I decided to get them and we called it a nite.

Posted by Misty river on 08-15-2014 05:11 AM:


Hunted Tramp aloneTuesday nite. 1st. drop turned him in on an old slough. Tramp went in about 150 yrds, struck a good track,moved it up the slough about 200 yrds and treed. I went in to him and he was treed up a big cypress. Tramp hadn't had a coon out to him in a while, so I decided to knock this one out to him. I found the coon pretty quick, but he was nervous and moving around, and then he quit looking I shot up in there two or three times to try to make him look again and that done the trick. He was looking at me good and I sighted him in good and pulled the trigger and nothing happened. The rifle was out of bullets, so I reloaded and by that time he was moving again. He came part way down the tree and stopped in a fork.I pulled the trigger again and this time he came out. Yes Jeremy I hit him right in the eye. I let Tramp carry the coon out as he usually does. We loaded up on the 4-wheeler and rode on down the slough aways and turned loose again. Tramp struck again pretty quick and this must have been a little coon, for he didn't go but about a hundred yrds and treed again. I went to him and found the coon pretty quick and it did look like a small coon. We'll get to run him again later. We loaded up and went around to another place and turned Tramp loose again, but it wasn't so easy this time .He went in about 400 yrds and struck a bad track. He worked it up another slough for probably a mile. He would hush on it for several minutes sometime and He would pick it up and move on. I was watching him on the garmin and when he would make a loose he would move out and pick it up farther up. I liked that. He finally treed and I went to him. He was treed up a small tree that went into bigger trees. I didn't see the coon, but I enjoyed this track and tree more than I did the other two. Although I would have liked to have seen the coon. Its trails like this that really teach a young dog what its all about. We walked back to the 4-wheeler and called it a night.

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