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Posted by Misty river on 07-06-2014 10:32 PM:

Shadow's first show and nite hunt

Jeremy came by yesterday which was Saturday and picked up Shadow and took him to Bay Springs and won Breed in the bench show and 1st place in the Nite hunt. I think Jeremy said that there was 5 cast of registered dogs and 2 Nite Ch. casts. This was the first time that Jeremy had hunted with Shadow, so I guess it will be a while now before I get Shadow back home, but that will be fine that will give me more time to work on Tramp 11. Congratulations to Jeremy and Shadow.

Posted by steve bankston on 07-08-2014 11:04 PM:


Congrats to Shadow and Jeremy on their wins! You have always had winners in your kennel Mr. Jack. Dedicated hunter's, breeders, and trainers like you is what keeps this breed strong, a pleasure to hunt and in the winners circle. Congrats to you! Good Hunting and take care.

Where hounds are more than just dogs, they are a part of the FAMILY.

Posted by Scott VH on 07-09-2014 01:25 AM:

Mr. Smith

I enjoy reading about your hunts. Congratulations to Jeremy and Shadow on the first place win. Its nice to get that one under your hat. I had a first on my Creek female a couple of weeks ago at the BBOA zone 3 hunt. I am in no hurry to finish her to NiteCh. I may take in a hunt this weekend and I do have her entered at Autumn Oaks so we will see.
Good luck with your Gin female. Hope she gets going and makes a nice one. Her mother Hammerhead is going to have a litter in the next week or so out of our Logan dog. Hoping for some nice ones there. Good luck with your dogs.

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Posted by nationwide on 07-09-2014 02:35 PM:


Thanks to all for the congrats but all the credit goes to jack on this one he's done a fine job with shadow getting him ready to go.

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Posted by Ed Mauney on 07-09-2014 05:04 PM:


Mr. Jack I see you still got it going on!! Congrats to you and Jeremy!!!

Keep them BLUE and treed IL. BLUE

Posted by Misty river on 07-09-2014 05:32 PM:


I thank you for the kind words and compliments. I sure admire the kennel of hounds that you are putting togeather over there. Sounds like they are getting the job done for you. I keep saying I am and I will one night, I'll get over there and we'll have us a good hunt. Take care and thanks----------Jack

Posted by Misty river on 07-09-2014 06:01 PM:


I'm glad that you enjoy reading this thread. I enjoy writing about my hunts wheather good or bad. I have read quite a bit on here about your Creek female. I like the breeding behind her and from what I reed about her she must be a good one. I know she is about as good looking a female that I have seen. So far I really like the Gin female. She is coming a long good for the amount of hunting she has had. Scott I wish you the best at Autumn Oaks. I'll be pulling for you and Creek. I wish you the best with your hounds and breeding program.--------Jack

Posted by Misty river on 07-09-2014 06:21 PM:

Mr. Ed Mauney

Thank you for the kind words and compliments. It means a lot to me coming from you. I want to thank you and your wife foe all the hard work that you have done for BBCHA, and best of luck with your hounds.-----------Jack

Posted by Misty river on 07-10-2014 06:36 AM:


Took Tramp out for a run last night. 1st drop he struck an ole cold track down a branch about 200 yrds. Moved it on down the swamp another 200 yrds. and treed. I went to him, he was treed up a large oak, but there were several more trees around it and so many leaves that I never could get to where I could see up into the tree. 2nd drop tramp went in about 200 yrds. and struck another cold track. It was a colder track than the first one. He moved it on in another 150 yrds. He was having a lot of trouble with it, but he kept it going. He wasn't opening much on it. He Located on a couple of different trees and moved on. After a little bit and about a 100 yrds deeper in he gav a couple good locates and treed. I went to him, but I guess he had just done the best he could with what he had to work with. It was a big tree, but it was dead and didn,t have a leaf on it. Oh well, no excuses there. We loaded up and called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-12-2014 07:36 AM:

Doll 1Vand Gin

Took these two out for a run tonight, I've had company all week. My son Wade Just got in from Irac, sure was good to have him home. Doll struck a working track and moved it about 400 yrds deeper and locked up treed. Gin went with her, but never opened I guess it was a little to cold for her. She was smelling up on the tree, but never barked. Doll was treed up a Large turkey pine. I could only see a small portion of one side of the tree. I couldn't find him so we loaded up and called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-15-2014 08:53 AM:


I took Tramp out for a run tonight. I turned him up a branch up through some big cypress trees. I'm always real careful when I walk through this swamp. It has a lot of cypress knees growing in there. They are from ankle to Knee high and if you tripped on one and fell on another one. It could be real dangerous. Tramp went in about 600 yrds and struck a pretty good track. He moved it in about 200 yrds deeper and treed. I rode the 4-wheeler to within about 250 yrds of him and walked the rest of the way. It was pretty woods until I got to within about 50 yrds of the tree and then it got thick. Its something how after all these years Katrina is still showing her destruction in places around here. I made it in to where Tramp was treed. He was treed up a large oak with another one about 10' over. The vines in there was just like a canopy. I had to back off about 50 yrds from the tree before I could see the tree. I could see the tree pretty good from there, but if he was there he wasn't looking,so I got tramp and we came out to the 4-wheeler. We made another drop on an ole slough. Tramp made a 400 yrd circle and came back without a bark so we loaded up and called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-16-2014 05:41 AM:


I made a quick run with Tramp tonight. He went in about 200 yrds and struck a good track, moved it in about another 150 yrds and treed. I walked in to where he was treedup a large Elm tree I think they are called. He was sitting about three quarters up the tree Looking at me with both eyes. Ole Tramp hadn't had one out on him in a while so I decided to let him have this one. I shot and out he came. I passed by the coon going in to unleash tramp and saw that I had broken his bottom jaw. I just shot him like this so he couldn't hurt my dog. "YEA RIGHT" He and Tramp scuffled around there for a little while. I think if that coon hadn't had his jaw broke he would have walked away, but Tramp finally did him in and we called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-17-2014 05:13 PM:


I hunted Tramp alone again tonight. I turned up a branch. He went in about 150 yrds. and just come treed. I went to him and I wish I had taken my camera, for he was treed up a huge cypress that went up about 4' and branched out 3 different ways and Tramp was up in the middle of them treed. Would have been a good picture. I looked for the coon for a while, but if he was there he wasn't looking. I leashed Tramp and we moved on up the swamp. Turned him loose again and he made about a 300 yrd. circle and came back and had never opened. We moved on up the swamp and cast again. He went in about 700 yrds. and I heard him open 1 time. He was in next to about a 20 acre cut over. I moved on in closer to him. He opened again right on the edge of the cut over. It was getting late and I knew that where he was headed this track was going to get a lot worse before it got better, so I called him out and we called it a night.

Posted by ClaytonDaniels on 07-21-2014 04:11 AM:

Dog that changed my outlook on hounds!

The following pics are of myself, Colby and Carsons first coons with a hound. Mr. Jack allowed me to take Ch Nitech Pr Misty River Blue Doll lV to my home and hunt some with my kids. Mr. Jacks passion is getting pups started and at this time Doll needed a trip to the woods. My previous experience with hound had allowed me to develop the thought process that most hounds were slow and not real bright. After a very short time with Doll I admitted I was mislead. Doll can smoke a track, easy to handle, brains and a great pup trainer. Since this time he has allowed me to hunt Misty River Blue Doll V and shes been natural and straight coon dog to this point. This is just one of a few fine blue dogs that he owns and both young males have a bright future ahead of them. Mr. Jack has a passion for hounds is like I've never seen before. His expertise and dogs are of a quality you cant find anywhere. Its easy to find dogs but not with many years of proven breeding behind them. With the help of Mr Jack and Jeremy, I now own 3 blue dogs and have devoloped a passion for these hounds.
Thanks for all the help

Clayton Daniels
Greens Creek Kennel

Posted by Misty river on 07-22-2014 06:50 AM:


Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure you did Doll as much good as she did you and I sure appreciate you hunting her. I sure do hate to see her sit in the pen. As for Doll V, you and her will make quite a team this fall when you and her start making the nite hunts. Me and Clayton own Doll V togeather, he is the one hunting and training her and he is doing quite a job with her. She is a litter mate sister to my Tramp dog. Clayton's devotion to these hounds reminds me a lot of myself back when I was about his age. (BACK WHEN I WAS HIS AGE) gosh that was a long time ago.

Posted by Misty river on 07-22-2014 04:53 PM:

Doll 1V and Gin

I took Doll 1V and Gin out last night, first drop they went hunting. Never got a bark. Moved to a new spot turned them loose. Doll struck pretty quick. Gin got with her, but never opened. Through the country they went. I was watching them on the garmin. Gin was staying in there, but was not opening. I know that she will open on a real hot track. for I have worked her in the training pen and she opened pretty good, so with a little more work I believe she will start opening. They were ln there about 700 yrds. and I knew that the coon was headed to about a 200 acre cut over, so I got on the 4-wheeler and went around on an old road that went around between some land that I have leased and the cutover. When I got around there to them they were just crossing the road. Gin was working the track, but was not opening. I picked the dogs up on the road and headed back out. I had to take the sling blade and cut some limbs out from under neath a pretty good size Oak tree that had blown down across the road where the 4-wheeler could pass under the tree. I had went around it coming in, but it was pretty rough going around it out through the cutover. The big limbs was holding the tree up off the ground about 5' and after I cut a few of the the 4-wheeler passed under it easily. We went up the swamp a ways and made another drop. Doll struck a good track pretty quick and Gin got with her, but again never opened on track. They didn't go but about 50 yrds and Doll locked up treed. I went on in to the tree pretty quick as I wanted to see what the pup was doing. When I got to where I could see them I stopped andgin was smelling up on the tree just as high as she could reach and then she went to treeing, so I'm pretty sure she will come around with a little more hunting, We'll see.

Posted by Darren Hollis on 07-23-2014 01:04 PM:

Mr. Jack

If you get a chance could you shoot me the number for the contact at the Brookhaven Club. I had it but had to change phones and lost a ton of my numbers. Thanks in advance for your help,
Darren Hollis


GrChGrNtCh PR Southern Blue S&Hís Goose (Sparks&Hollis)
GrChGrNtCh PR Southern Blue Hardwood Cotton
GrNtCh PR Mose's Pink Floyd ( Co-Owned with Scott V)
GrChGrNtCh PR Lovellís Smokey River Blue Ann
ChNtCh PR Southern Blue Hardwood Dolly
ChNtCh PR Southern Blue Spanky ( Hollis & Hollis)
PR Southern Blue Drifter (Goose x NtChch Dolly)
PR Southern Blue Jessie (Goose x Dual Grand Cotton)
GrNtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Moonshine
GrNtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Frostbite
NtChGrCh PR Southern Blue Queen
NtChGrCh PR Blue Eyes Blue Jessie
NtCh PR Southern Frost Hollow Blue Bell(BB)
NtCh PR Southern Blue Hammer
NtCh PR Hollis' Southern Blue Maggie
NtCh PR Hollis' Bull Mtn. Pearl
GrCh PR Southern Blue Jet
PR Southern Blue Sam
PR Southern Blue Rattler

Posted by Misty river on 07-23-2014 06:46 PM:


I took Tramp out for a short run about midnight last night. He went in about 200 yrds. and struck what sounded like a cold track. he was only opening here and there as he moved the track in about another 100 yrds and hushed. I was watching him on the Garmin and he was coming back toward me and in the vicinity of where he had struck the track. I didn't know wheather he had quit the track and was coming back to me or what, but when he got to about where he had struck the track. He picked the track up again and started moving it in another direction and this time he was moving the track much better. Although it took him a little bit to figure it out. I was glad to see him figure out that he had the wrong end of the track and come back and get it right. I have seen a few dogs over the years that never figured it out. He moved the track in about another 200 yrds. and treed. I went to him and he was treed up a huge oak close to the river. I couldn't see anything in close to the tree for the other trees around, so I backed out into a clearing about 50 yrds away and should have been able to see the tree from there, but the fog was so thick I couldn't see anything, so I came back to the tree and loaded Tramp up and called it a night.

Posted by steve bankston on 07-26-2014 12:25 PM:


Those tracks go 2 ways, the way their headed and where they came from and sounds like Tramp has a head full of sense and smart enough to come back and take it the right way if he happened to grab the wrong end. I have had Bo do same thing a couple times, just a part of these young hounds getting it all figured out the more we hunt them. I have had a couple myself that even if they went the right way and located the tree would drop back down and run track backwards. They didn't make the cut if they didn't get it figured out. Those coon should be back in the hardwood bottoms soon after those muscadimes and maybe we can walk to some good trees in some open woods. I'm like Darren, I've had enough of the blackberry briars. Take Care and Good Hunting MR. Jack!

Where hounds are more than just dogs, they are a part of the FAMILY.

Posted by Misty river on 07-26-2014 07:48 PM:


I took Tramp out alone again last night. He didn,t seem to want to go hunting at first. He just hung around me for a few minutes, and after a little bit he took off. I guess we're all looking for excusses, but I don't know what the coons are doing right now. I guess it happens this way every year about this time, but it should be about time for the littles ones to come out, but as of yet I haven't seen thefirst one. I guess these young dogs are like me some time. If I went squirrel hunting a few times and walked a couple of miles each time and didn't see any squirrels I would probably quit hunting. Oh well, enough gripping and back to the coonhunt. Tramp went in about 600 yrds. and struck a bad track. He had gotten in about 800 yrds. and I had tried a couple different places trying to get closer to him, but the only way to get closer without walking through some rough stuff was to go back out and hit the highway and go into a different part of the swamp, so back out to the highway I went to the other side of the swamp that I was hunting in. Thank the lord for 4-wheelers. I had to go all the way back into the river and hit an ole woods road and come back up. I drove into about 200 yrds of him and he had the track going pretty good, but he was in bad country. He went in about another 100 yrds and treed. I started to him and it was just as rough as it was the last time that I was in there. Just ole sloppy swamp with mud and water uo to the top and sometime over the top of your boots, with bushes and grass so you couldn't see where you were walking with a tree now and then. When I finally got to him he was treed up a hugh turkey pine. I looked and squalled from where I was at. I didn't even try to bog my was=y around to the other side. I finally gave up called tramp over to me. I sure was glad that Tramp would heel. We made our way back to the 4-wheeler and called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-29-2014 08:07 AM:


I took Tramp out alone for another run tonight. It was a little cooler tonight than it had been in a while. 1st drop Tramp went in about a 100 yrds and struck a working track. He moved it in another 100 yrds and treed. I went in to him and he was treed on some vines going up into a large oak tree. The vines had the tree he was treed up and several more around there wrapped up. I walked down an old road around the back side of a cut over and I was to far away to see the tree with my red lens so I had to use my bright light, I could see the tree from that side, but I couldn't get him to look so I went back to the tree and loaded tramp up and we went on up the swamp. 2nd drop, Tramp went in a couple hundred yrds and struck a good track. I guess it being a little cooler tonight the coons were moving better. He moved the track in about another hundred yrds and treed. I walked in to him and he was treed up a huge pine. I couldn' see the tree very good, but I finally found him right up next to the top, looking at me with both eyes. I walked back into the tree and gave ole tramp an extra pat on the head and we left this one to run again. We loaded up and went on up the swamp aways and turned loose again. Tramp went in about 400 hundred yrds and stuck what I thought was a fair track. He moved on in about 300 more yards. He was moving the track pretty good, but he just hushed, I kept listening for him to tree. The garmin said at one time he was treed, but he never barked treed. I went around and got close enough to where I could see him, and he was still trying to pick the track up. I watched him for a little bit, but he never did pick the track up. I caught him and we called it a night.

Posted by Misty river on 07-31-2014 06:39 PM:


I took Tramp out kind of late last night for a short run. When I took tramp out of the truck he had his nose on the ground and pulling on the leash. I knew he was already smelling where a coon had walked dow the ole woods road that we were on. I unleashed him and away he went strait down the road. While I was listening to Tramp work the track I walked out in the woods to see what they looked like as this is a new place to hunt. I knew that there was an ole slough out in there and I wanted to see what it looked like. I made it out to the slough and looked around for a while and by this time I could hear Tramp treed, so I walked back to the road and went to him. He was treed up a large pine and the limbs went into some more pines. I looked for a while, but I couldn't find him. It was about two oclock so I loaded Tramp up and we called it a night.

Posted by ole paw paw on 08-02-2014 07:45 AM:

Had the privilege of huntin with shadow and Jeremy last night. Had a pretty good hunt. Shadow is a tough young hound I believe. Yall have done good with him. He ain't scared to go huntin for sure. Hope your doin good mr jack. May have to come hunt with you when it cools off for good.


Posted by Bayin'Blues on 08-02-2014 09:34 AM:

Mr. Jack,

My name is Curtis Todd. I'm from the South Eastern part of Georgia. I've done a considerable amount of reading on your thread and have to say that I've really enjoyed it. True Smokey River Bred hounds arent very common here. I've gained some knowledge about these hounds through reading your thread.

As I was reading along I noticed the pedigree that you put up for the Skeeter female off of Bo Jack x Penny. There is a GrNtCh male in the North Western part of Georgia that is Either a littermate or full brother to Skeeter. GrNtCh Mackie Creek Lee Roy owned by Brian Cook and Johnny Sheffield. Not sure What part of Mississippi you're in, but maybe he could help with your breeding program at some point.

Curtis J Todd

Team Blazin' Timber

Posted by Misty river on 08-02-2014 05:47 PM:


I took Tramp out alone again last night. I turned him in to an ole slough. He went in for a ways and just come treed. I walked in to him, He was treed up a large cypress and it was thick in there. I looked for a while, but never could get to where I could see anything. I leashed Tramp and we went on down the slough a piece and I turned him loose again. He went in about 100yrds and struck another track. It was a working track and he moved it on in about another 300 yrds and treed. He was treed in next to another slough. This is a new place that I've got to hunt and I don't know all of the terrain in there yet. He was treed on my side of the slough which wasn't too bad, but it looked pretty rough on the other side. Tramp was treed up another big cypress, but this one had a vine in it qnd it wasn't too thick around it. I looked for a bit and then went in and shook the vine, you know how it is hunting by yourself. Go in and shake a vine and then go back out and look. The second time I did this I saw the coon he was up next to the top and was moving higher. I took a couple of quick shots at him, but didn't hit him. I walked back to the tree and shook the vine again, walked back out and he was coming down the tree. I was waiting to get a clear shot at him , because Tramp hadn-t had a coon in a while and I wanted to get this one out on him. About half way down the tree he stopped in plain view. I thru up to shoot and the gun snapped, I was out of bullets.
before I could get reloaded the coon cme a piece farther down the tree and jumped out. I had tramp tied and had to go back under the tree and unleash him. This was Tramps first time on a jump out coon so it took him a minute to figure out that the coon wasn't just laying out there. He figured it out pretty quick and left out of there. I was looking for him to really drive this track as I have seen him on hot tracks before and he can push a good track, but I could tell on this one he was having trouble. He was moving it pretty good, but not like I figured he would. He moved it on in about 600 yrds and went thru a big colvert under a road that about a foot of water was flowing thru. He went on in for about another 600 yrds and the track just got worse and finally played out I knew it was bad country after he went thru the colvert, but I was thinking it was pretty good woods on the side where the coon jumped out. After I got Tramp loaded up I walked back in ther to look around a little bit. It didn't take me long to see why he was having trouble in there. It was a lot of big cypress and bushes with sloughs crisscrossing in there with a lot of mud and water. Me and tramp called it a night, but we'll be back in there some more. I figure if a dog can tree coon in there on a regular basis he can tree coon anywhere.

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