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Posted by ttrusic on 05-28-2023 01:45 AM:

white cloud pups

We have two litters of White cloud puppies a total of 18 in all 9 males and nine females. Litter one was whelped May 17 and the other litter was whelped may 21. The first litter sire is Mr. Freeze he was running hogs and bear when he was seven months old. He treed his first bear by himself at 11 months of age. He was crushed by a large hog about 3 years ago taking him about a year to heal up and we have hunted him sparingly since because we wanted to make a cross out of him. He rigs very well but will only rig a bear nothing else. When we were hunting him he had 8/10 on speed, plenty of grit and would tree a steady 80 barks a minute feet on the wood. The dam trypode (tripod) is an all-around hound from the truck to the tree. She has a terrible mouth, weighs about 45 pounds, fights and bays like she weighs 500 lbs., has 7/10 speed but will get there and stay all day by herself or with a crowd. Both freeze and pod handle great never need a leash when you call they will come, quite unless something /one is in the yard or at feeding time. Not ill in any way.

The sire of the second litter is Jacob he is a two- year- old dog that has come along real nice he has been on less than 10 killed bear last kill season but has been on about twenty bear this spring so far, He handles better than most dogs you will ever hunt with from the chain- to- the truck -to- the tree-to- the truck -to- the chain you never need a leash. Rigs from in or on top of the box, riding a four-wheeler or walking. He runs to catch always up front and trees great. The dam is Rita she can do it all rig, trail, bay, tree and handles like the rest no problems at all. She has a poor mouth for my liking but the dogs we have off her all have great mouths with the exception of tripod .

Over 2 decades ago I got the ole White cloud Nitrous (Jone) female as a pup from Mr Russell Bach off his Blazer and Molly dogs who were out of Bobby Lyles White cloud Boomer II and Lyles white cloud Rage we later purchased Rage from Bobby himself. We bred Jone to Claude Vaughns Chief dog and got Sheba. Who we bred to TJ whom we purchased from Mr Goff and Mr Bobby Lyles and from that cross we got Rita who we bred to the Crow and got our Hauke dog and tripod. These dogs and their off-spring have been used to take bear out west in New Mexico and Utah, in Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and personally all over North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. Iíve told all there is about them if your interested message me. Four of the pups are already spoken for litter one- 4 males 3 females litter two-3 males 4 females If all goes well they will be ready the 15th of June none after July 1st. The price is 400.00 If you think we are asking too much it is ok we are telling you the price. Message us your info

Posted by AndrewBuch on 06-01-2023 12:20 PM:

Was checking to see if u still had pups was wanting a male and female if possible

Andrew buchanan

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