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Posted by mike berger on 05-10-2019 11:24 PM:

Pup not very excited about caged coon...

I exposed my 10 month old Kemmer to a caged coon,he barked at it a little, didn't want to get to close to the cage,I released the coon and pup chased it 50 yards and up a tree. Pup reared up against tree, looked up and then wandered away. I expected him to get a little more excited about the process. He just acted 'ho-hum' about everything. Is this normal? Jeez, a mutt from the pound would have got more excited than he did. His bloodlines are heavy Blondy 3....

Posted by tn russ on 05-11-2019 01:43 AM:

Ive had finished dogs that was scared of a caged coon. Also had pups chase game up a tree and never tree and then go and tree a scent track on tree. I wouldn't worry much about cages or anything else they see.

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Posted by mike berger on 05-11-2019 05:16 AM:

Thanks for the info.

Posted by jehulayne on 05-29-2020 03:16 AM:

One of the best English hounds I ever had the pleasure of walking behind couldn’t care less about a caged Coon...

Posted by mike berger on 05-29-2020 09:06 PM:

I let him bark at it a few minutes then released it, let it run about 20 yards and then released my dog who then chased it about 50 yards and up a tree, he barked 1-2 times and lost interest. I gave the dog to a guy who hunts lion, bear, bobcat and fox and after a period of time hunting 5 days a week the guy said he was a cull. Even with the hounds starting and moving the track this Kemmer couldnt make it to a tree.

Posted by nccatfisher on 05-30-2020 01:49 AM:

Dog may be smarter than the people that are trying to trick him with caged game.

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Posted by mike berger on 05-30-2020 01:15 PM:

"There are none so blind"...

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