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Posted by link on 07-04-2017 07:13 PM:

Tar Heel Nitro grandson Stud

Track driving son of gun bawl on track chop on tree not many of these dogs around he is 6yrs old never been in a ukc hunt. I have 2 pups out of him they are 9 weeks old blanket back nice pups if anyone is interested in breeding to him give me call. Thanks Keith 256-630-7003

Posted by link on 07-04-2017 07:17 PM:

Pictures of Mack and the two pups I have right now.

Posted by link on 07-10-2017 02:44 AM:

Old blood at its best top and bottom...

Posted by link on 07-17-2017 05:12 PM:

$100 stud fee there is not much Nitro out there....

Posted by link on 08-02-2017 02:55 AM:

These 2 males I have out of Mack is going to be LOUD.... and brains to go with it..

Posted by link on 08-30-2017 02:44 AM:


Posted by link on 09-17-2017 01:01 PM:

Old blood at its best...

Posted by link on 11-06-2017 01:07 AM:


Posted by link on 12-03-2017 01:39 PM:


Posted by link on 12-28-2017 08:38 PM:


Posted by CONRAD FRYAR on 12-29-2017 09:43 PM:

Link if you will look back on that pedigree, you see the cross of Indian river Thunder x Cedar Lake Sue.... that was the first cross i ever made. lol
Bill Scealf owned Thunder and I owned Ole Sue, turned out to be a good cross!

Striving to breed balanced Treeing Walkers.

"Life is short boys, Hunt an intelligent hound"

Born in sin, convicted by the Word, saved by Grace.

Posted by link on 12-29-2017 11:14 PM:

Hey Conrad yes sir I use to hunt with the sally female she was one heck of a coon dog.

Posted by link on 01-05-2018 02:26 PM:


Posted by link on 01-26-2018 11:51 PM:

Dropped old Mack out the other night had one treed before you could get a good chew in your mouth this is a coon dog I no he is not a night champion I guess that is on me I do not club hunt but he is a good hound never have to take a lease in the woods he mindes me better than my on kid. Great bawl mouth chop on tree and a coon killer the 2 pups I raised out of him they are doing great the one I was going to keep he treed some the other night the other is stricking and treeing his on coon. I hardly ever do get calls on mack but this is old blood would like to keep this stuff around if you no what I mean, but if anyone is interested in breeding to some old blood give me a call. Thanks ...

Posted by link on 01-31-2018 11:49 PM:


Posted by lincoln on 02-01-2018 04:45 PM:

where are you located link?

Posted by link on 02-01-2018 07:48 PM:

Higdon AL.

Posted by link on 02-10-2018 03:41 PM:

Old Mack and his half sister went 838yds up the side of a mountain Im talking about cooning it barking every now and then. I finally got there low and be hold a monster boar coon you talking about a fight it was on. Mack got a good rip in his ear he will carry to the grave with him but he has no quit in him on a coon fight he finally put him out.If anybody wants to breed to a coon dog he's right here in Higdon AL. I no he is not a champion on papers I don't club hunt we coon hunt if you want barking on a track like beagles you don't want this he's not that he's a drifting barking he may not bark for a 150 to 200 yards but it want be long until he's treed, not much of this old stock around out of Nitro get it while you can. Thanks Keith...

Posted by link on 05-18-2018 04:59 PM:

This is a different stud dog than the other one I have on here he is 7 his blood on the bottom goes back to wagers stylish lipper he is a drifter on track he trees alot of coons big bawl mouth. Somebody needs to get hooked up with one of these stud dogs this ain't nothing but a coon dog he loves it more than any dog I have ever seen. If anyone is interested we will work something out on ether dog you want to breed to. Thanks Keith...

Posted by link on 07-14-2018 06:38 PM:

Old stock at its best...

Posted by link on 08-20-2018 09:51 PM:

Coon dog guys he will be 8 in oct. acts like a 3yr old track driving son of a gun and if you want to see a coon and dog fight put a life one on him he want quit until he kills it. He has not been breed but one time breed him to a old female she had 7 only raised 2 they are treeing coons and doing it right so if you want some old blood like this dog stud fee is not much might even do it for pick of the litter if it the right kind of female I like. So come gets some NITRO blood at its best.

Posted by link on 10-08-2018 09:21 PM:

Mack and Rip treed a big boar coon Friday night these are two nice old blooded coon dogs if your hunting old blood give me a call Thanks...

Posted by link on 12-11-2018 01:25 PM:

Hunted Mack and rip 3 nights last week treed 3 coons one of them weighed 20 pounds biggest one I have ever treed I am telling you right now both of these dogs are coon dogs old stock if you want coon dogs give me a call we will work something out when this stock of nitro is gone good luck finding any..

Posted by link on 02-22-2019 03:13 PM:

Nitro grand son still at his best coon treeing son of a gun track driving machine as good by himself or with another dog bawl mouth track dog bawl chop on tree.

Posted by link on 03-02-2019 02:56 PM:

Mack and rip hit a coon Weds night went 538 driving the old coon came back to 380 they locked down with the meat great old blood will breed either dog for a pup.

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