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Posted by Black And Tan Man on 12-18-2019 01:59 PM:

Beagle Prices

How do they compare to coonhound prices? I've bred, trained and sold coonhounds for 40 years but was curious about the beagle side of things. Please don't respond with "there worth what a buyer will pay", I realize that, just looking for a general idea.


Posted by coacher on 12-18-2019 08:16 PM:


It varies somewhat, but here is what I've seen. $200-$300 for AKC registered pups, $350-$450 for "started" pups/dogs. The term "started" varies from merely barking on track to circling a rabbit. Unregistered or "grade" dogs are priced lower.

Posted by kordog on 12-19-2019 12:35 PM:

right up through the 80s to mid 90s beagle pups registered or not went for about 150 .then after that they went to about 250 until about 2005 when they went to around 350 plus. now I see them as high as 450 about every decade or so they went up about 100. you can still get some at around 250 which is a good deal for the buyer in todays economy with the cost of having a litter of beagles and everything that goes with it. that's what I paid for the reg.female I bought in 2018.raising beagles(hounds) here in maine is in a big decline except by people raising them to hunt and maybe selling the few extras.the adds use to be full of hounds .now there are very few.hounding other than maybe coyote hounds is in a big down cycle here in far as the money part for selling beagles it is a hard pill to swallow when a guy puts everything in to raising and training those die hard little hounds only to receive a few hundred for pups.then see those bull dogs that cant breathe and live to about 6 go for 2000 plus as pups and sellk like hot cakes.

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