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Posted by sneakyone on 08-19-2019 12:43 AM:

pace collector

does anyone know his pedigree and what style hound he is in the timber

Posted by ToddRistau on 08-19-2019 01:35 AM:

outa bone collector

Posted by high ridge on 08-19-2019 02:14 AM:

Coon treer.

Get a Good One

Posted by ole hoss on 08-19-2019 09:22 AM:

Out of bone collector and a slow talking buzz female!! Pace (trigger) is a big hunting trailing type of dog that has his coons. One of the better dogs in the country, good mouth, good tree dog and a good guy that owns him. Iíve hunted the dog and hunted with him several times.


Posted by turman on 08-19-2019 01:19 PM:

I've seen him go up here and he's a real deal coondog!

Pete Rhines

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Show all 5 posts from this thread on one page

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