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Posted by wildcat3 on 08-07-2019 08:32 PM:

Hunting Terrian

What type of terrain does everyone hunt? I hunt in North Carolina, mostly creek bottoms. We have a frw rolling hills and a valley or two but nothing terrible compared to what guys in tje western part of the state have. Some of the gameland I hunt is a little rougher and while its not idle coon hunting land it is somewhere to hunt. The deer club I hunt with is mostly lined as its owned by a paper company, hardwood runs mixed in here and there and plenty of woods. I dont like hunting small blocks pf woods. I much prefer a large section of gameland or the hunt club over the smaller privately owened woods and farms.

Posted by FF5044 on 08-08-2019 01:30 AM:

Iím in southern Indiana along the river and hunt everything from river bluffs, flat timber with swamps, rolling hills, creeks bottoms, patch woods in crop and pasture land and thousand acre hardwoods. Kinda got it all in a 20 minute drive lol

Posted by Dave Richards on 08-08-2019 03:03 AM:

Hunting ground

Lol. I hunt mountains, steep mountains and I think they get steeper every year. I envy the flat land hunters, but I love these mountains. I just hate climbing them! Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by freakyone on 08-08-2019 05:12 PM:

Nice creek bottoms along farm land loaded with coons this year.

Posted by stevwallace on 08-08-2019 10:44 PM:

Few miles south of church hill and agree these mountains are getting steeper every year. Turn loose on small creek in holler and end up on mountain side. Do like hunting those flat dairy farms if can find small patch of woods.

Posted by blacksc1 on 08-09-2019 12:12 AM:

Just 900 acres with several hardwood bottoms and creeks running through it, roads everywhere man it was nice. Got 8000 acres of game land that is ROUGH mountainous hills lots of pine and thickets and hardly any roads. Mostly hunt around rivers on public land. All of itís dogged to death. An 800 acre tract right by the house thatís good for two turn outs. And if they cross the creek itís the nastiest briar hamper you have ever seen. Got one pretty good size swamp I get to hunt, you are guaranteed to swim every time you turn out there. Hopefully just picked up 5000 acres of swamp and ag. Still working on the deal, but Iím excited about it. You can hunt any terrain imaginable going no further than an hour in any direction from the house. And for some reason we always end up hunting the hills.

Posted by shadinc on 08-09-2019 12:19 AM:


Donald Bergeron

Posted by Dave Richards on 08-09-2019 12:19 AM:


I have hunted the swampland below Roanoke Rapids, plenty of coon, but you can get across swimming water on occasion. Only hunted down there in the wintertime. Dave

Dave Richards Treeing Walkers Reg American Saddlebred and Registered Rocky Mt. Show Horses

Posted by blacksc1 on 08-09-2019 03:58 AM:

Mr. Richards swamp hunting is hit or miss either they are up or they are down. Can make a mediocre dog look great or look like a cull. And always take a buddy, that way they find the deep holes before you get there.

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