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Posted by Nathan Phenix on 11-20-2019 01:46 AM:

What's the difference

Coon hunt with hounds for years. In process of switch to squirrel hunting. I have got started cur and feist to see which I like better. What are main differences between a hound and squirrel dogs as far as training and finishing them out. Also what is difference in rules of squirrel hunt and coon hunting with hounds? Saw cast are smaller. But besides that what are differences?

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Posted by nccatfisher on 11-22-2019 01:36 AM:

One big difference many hound folks like to use drags and caged stuff. That is a big no no with curs, it will usually set one back more than it will help. Curs need to be singled out to be trained. Also you have to use a fairly lighter hand on curs, they will listen and you need to make them do so, but you can't beat it into them.

As far as the rules for comp. hunts I can't help you much. I have been out of it for ten years and there have been many changes. They are very similar to the hound hunts from what I see now, other than strike points.

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