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Posted by tjcc1978 on 10-12-2020 08:44 PM:

Egli Black and Tans

Has anyone gotten a B&T from Donnie Egli? Are they any good and how do they look?

Posted by Ridgerunner1988 on 10-13-2020 03:05 AM:

He has a website that you can go look at his dogs on he guarantees his pups to run and tree by a year old or your money back if the dog was hunted like it should be.


Posted by tjcc1978 on 10-17-2020 03:55 AM:

I went to his site, I am looking for people on here that have had his dogs or know someone who does...

Posted by bob logan on 10-18-2020 12:33 AM:

don egli

brought a dog from him a few years back and it was like he said. if i was looking for another dog i would buy one from him in a heartbeat.

Posted by Doug A on 10-20-2020 05:35 PM:

His are not the old fashioned/akc type. He has ukc competition style dogs. Not to say that he won't on occasion have a pup or two that has longer ears . He might know who has a dog like that though. He knows many people.

What comes around goes around!

Posted by brian napier on 10-20-2020 07:19 PM:

My Gr.Nt Ch. Rome dog came from Don. He is 70lbs. and has some ears on him.

Posted by morgan branch on 10-20-2020 08:32 PM:

Dual grand Morgan Branch Bear Bones came from Donnie as a pup. I have known and done a lot of business with Donnie over the years in some form or another...He sold me the only walker dog I ever owned lol.. Was a 2 yr old gyp and she died at my place at 14 yrs old.. One of the best walker dogs I've ever seen go. Donnie has bred a few nice black females to our Bear Bones dog in the last couple years... He has always been nothing but straight up with me..

Morgan Branch Kennels:
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Posted by P D Herron on 10-22-2020 09:00 PM:

Donnie will tell it like is. he is as straight up as they get. I raise my own but if I was looking to buy a pup Donnie would be the first place I would look

Phillip & Kevin Herron

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